Are these things ruining our lives?!


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The way that we live our lives is changing every single day. New technology is being introduced, along with new laws and new problems to deal with. We're never truly living the life that we want to lead, simply because we can't. We're so tied down with everything that's going on around us, and all of the commitments that we have each day, that we barely have time to actually do what we want to do.

So with life already as hard as it is, are we doing things that are making our lives even more of a struggle for us? Well, most of us are, and the worst thing is, we don't do anything about them. Which is why I wanted to write about this today - to discuss how to relieve some of the stress we’re all feeling.

Sometimes you might not even realise the things that are having a big impact in your life, simply because everyone else is doing the same. Or sometimes you just won't be able to drag yourself away from something, even though you know it's something toxic for you.

Toxic Technology

Technology is just something we can't live without. Whether we're at work, at home, or out with friends and family, we've always got some form of technology on hand. A lot of us are divided about this one. Some of us will think that technology is great, and that we can't live without it. But a lot of us also realise how much it can brainwash us, despite knowing that, true, it’s know it's something we can't live without.

For those of us who don't realise how much it can ruin your life, let’s put it into perspective. Social media, in particular, is a big problem in people's lives. There are so many insecurities that are created through it, simply because it's a platform designed to show yourself off to other people - and when it seems like other people have more than you do, or look better than you do, it can feed into those deep insecurities.

A lot of us also spend hours a day aimlessly scrolling through social media, wasting precious time that could be spent doing something productive, or something we actually enjoy. So think about social media sites like Facebook, and whether we actually need them. By cutting down on our social media usage, the amount of time you can save in a day will be immeasurable, and you won't have your mind weighed down with everything that social media spews out. It's easy to deactivate or delete your Facebook account as well, you just have to make the leap.

So with all of the time you're going to save, you could put it to good use by taking up a hobby, or meeting the people who you might not see for long periods of time, simply because you're always in touch over social media!

Toxic Situations

Toxic situations are horrible to be in, but what makes them worse is that they're so hard to get out of. Let's talk about work as a perfect example. A large majority of people start their journey into the working world at a young age, usually straight from school or higher education. Then, when used to the money and the routine, the job is kept because it's just easy to cope with - it’s become routine. Does this sound like you? Well join the possibly millions of people who are doing the same.

But to be in a toxic work situation day in and day out can be incredibly mentally draining, to the point where some people have mental health issues such as stress or anxiety, simply over work. If you haven't left a job that’s causing you serious mental strain, there are surely good reasons for that: financial pressures, the difficulty of finding a new job, anxiety about starting over and launching yourself into a new workplace which could potentially be more stressful than the one you’re in.

But we also know the pros to this situation: you could end up with more freedom, more money, and a better state of mind. The quicker you get out of a toxic work situations, the sooner you're going to start feeling better about life in general!

Toxic Traits

Now this is one that we're definitely good at hiding, or simply not knowing about at all. It's impossible to be the perfect person, but so many of us will have traits that we can definitely work on changing or adjusting, not only to improve how we think about ourselves, but how the people around us feel about us, too.

For example, one of the most toxic traits that we have is being judgemental - something that, culturally, is especially engrained in Irish people! It's rare to find a person that doesn't comment on something about someone else, even if it's just a fleeting thought.

But when these thoughts become words, it's easy to be branded as someone with a rude opinion of people, or to be a bit of a nasty person. If word gets around to the person you might be judging, it can also play havoc with their mind and self esteem. Some people are judged on a daily basis, causing severe stress and insecurity.

So think about those around you, and what you would think if someone was judging you. It's just nice to have a personality where you respect everyone and try to be generally positive about others. Again, we think social media plays a bit part in this as well - it’s easy to judge people when we spend all day gazing at a gallery of their lives!

Toxic People

Toxic people are definitely not what you need around you, and we think there's so much you can do about it to change that, you just have to realise what you deserve in life. The most common scenario for people to be in is a toxic relationship. But the worst thing about this, is that your love for the other person will usually be so strong, it masks the toxic side of things.

So just think to yourself whether you're truly happy, or whether you feel envious of people's relationships around you. If you know yours is a bit different to others, and if you can't truly see a future with the person where you're truly happy, then it might be worth cutting the cord.

Living a free and happy life is so much better than being loved by a toxic person, you just won't know that until you're out of the situation.

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