Restoring healthy impressions about our body


Many of us, both due to a sense of needing to match unrealistic expectations and also the inevitability of not being perfect ourselves, find that we very much dislike elements of our body. If not this, then it’s not uncommon for us to feel we have unhealthy impressions regarding our body to some extent. It might even be that these impressions are rather hidden, and you won’t know just how unhealthy they are until you try to subvert them.

Influencer culture is perhaps, in part responsible for this, but it started happening long before Instagram. We think the days of when Marilyn Monroe was the ideal of beauty, and realise now that her body type was actually rather natural compared to what is celebrated today. Still, even then, that felt like a standard that pushed the limits. Restoring healthy impressions about our body is essential to helping us break that cycle, then.

Let us consider what that even means, how you might go about it, and what you stand to gain from the whole affair.

Know It’s Okay To Accept Perceived Flaws

Many of us have parts of our body that we don’t like as much as we would perhaps like to. But often, these perceived flaws are often not noticeable by others, or might not even be that bad. Most of the time, our flaws can actually help distinguish us as an individual. You might very much like your birthmark on your body as a teenager, only to realise that it’s part of you and your identity as an adult. But first you need to remember - it’s okay and even recommendable to accept your flaws. Simply accepting them how they are and seeing that there’s no need for change can often help you begin to direct your mind to other things. Who knows? Over time this could lead you to think more constructively about your life and elements of it.

Understand Your Potential

It can be truly wonderful to understand your potential and give yourself the props you are due. Just because you’re not too happy with something now doesn’t mean you can’t change it. For example, we can change our weight with relatively consistent and disciplined effort, and doing so can actually feel fun! On top of that, don’t chastise yourself for wanting to learn more about your body and feel better within your. For example, learning more about your cellulite might help you learn how to feel more comfortable in yourself, and that’s important.

Your Body Is Your Body

The moment we want to change for someone else, or base our value on what someone else thinks, we are in for a rude awakening. This is where it’s so important to restore healthy impressions we have about ourselves, and to try and focus on the good. If you can do that, you give yourself plenty of personal freedom and self-authorship.

With this advice, we hope you’re better able to restore health impressions about your body.