Best brows ever – products worth risking import tax for


There's something you won't hear me saying too often – because I hate paying import taxes (unlike BIK tax, incidentally which, if Revenue tells me I have to, I will happily pay I promise) – but for this product which, I swear, gives the best brows ever, I will make an exception. I'm sorry for the fluffing, but in this case it's entirely necessary – do you feel adequately fluffed? Are you ready to know how to get the best brows ever? Are you comfortably seated? Are you holding on tight?

First, a bit of background on how I came to find the best brows ever

Okay, so for as long as I can remember (I'm 31, so I can only remember about five years, and some traumatic events from my childhood), I've been Benefit's bitch when it comes to brows. That is, in fact, word for word what I said when I did this everyday makeup tutorial that nobody watched...

I especially love their new "browdrobe" – a full selection of brow products that I've been using, pretty loyally, since they came out last year. I usually start with their Ka-Brow, then move on to Gimme Brow. If I'm going very light on makeup, I'll just use Gimme Brow; if I'm going heavy, I'll add in a step before my Ka-Brow with the Goof-Proof Eye Pencil.

I genuinely love these products – yes, I've been sent samples, but I've also repurchased my Gimme Brow about five times (the other two just haven't run out yet), which is a firm sign that I'm a fan.

So, in a way, I'm not sure why I decided to experiment with a new product. Mostly, it was curiosity – it's from (and here's the bad news) a beauty line that doesn't yet ship to Europe, and when I was heading over to visit my sister I thought, what better time to have a whole heap of products delivered to me?

And when I say a whole heap, I mean it – I got foundation, their brow product, balm, moisturiser, cleanser, lipstick and concealer. I really committed. Here's my look, using all of the above, on day one – and would you just look at those brows.

best brows ever Glossier Boy Brow

Okay, so first things first: these brows won't be for everyone. There's a serious trend right now for perfectly "done" brows, and that is not my jam – I like my brows rough and unkempt and looking full and messy, and this is the first product I have ever tried that achieves that goal in one swipe. Okay, so maybe two swipes but you get the drift.

Meet Glossier's Boy Brow*

best brows ever glossier boy brow

If you follow me on Snapchat, you may have figured this out as I teased my Glossier delivery the other day (best laid plans: the order didn't arrive to my sister's while I was there, so she had to post it over!) – but my best brows ever (!) were created by none other than Glossier's Boy Brow* in the shade brown.

It's really, really similar to Benefit's Gimme Brow; it comes in a small tube with a miniscule spoolie brush that loads the product on – but it's more highly pigmented than Gimme Brow. As well as that, it's a slightly stiffer formulation. It feels almost like Gimme Brow with a little bit of added chalk powder; it makes the brows fuller, as well as darker, and seriously sticks them in place, whereas Gimme Brow leaves them feeling a lot more natural.

The pros: it does exactly what it says on the tin – gives a high-fashion kind of boyish Cara Delevingne brow, and one that lasts (the pic above is after an 8km cycle in fairly windy conditions, and my brows didn't budge). It's pigmented and sets the brow really well, and the brush is the perfect size. Plus? It's only $16 (around €15.50), compared to Gimme Brow's €26.

The cons: like I said, Glossier doesn't currently ship internationally, so you'll have to figure out a Parcel Motel type proxy shipping arrangement, and you may get stung for import taxes. This shit goes on quite heavily, which I love – but if you're a little laissez-faire with application, it could end up all over your head. I did have to do a little cotton bud correction to reign my Boy Brow in a bit.

I know this is probably the world's least helpful review, as 98% of you are in Ireland – but next time you're Stateside, do stock up. You can also buy Glossier's Balm Dotcom on Net-a-Porter*; it's their version of Elizabeth Arden's Eight-Hour Cream*, but I'd need to use it for a while to let you know if it's any good (I just applied it about an hour ago and it definitely feels really moisturising on the lips, but it'd be tough to find something as good as Eight-Hour Cream so I'll reserve judgment for now!).

Had you heard of Glossier? Are you convinced that Boy Brow will give you the best brows ever?! Let me know in the comments – or tweet / snap me your faves @rosemarymaccabe!

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