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I've made a few beauty purchases lately – in fact, I shot a YouTube video last week on my cruelty-free beauty haul from Net-a-Porter – and I may just have found the world's best cleanser! Among other great beauty buys I would 100% recommend. For the sake of "authenticity" (snort!) I'll even include a few bits down the bottom that I wouldn't recommend. But for now, let's start with the good 'uns!

And the best cleanser award goes to...


When I was in my sister's house in Indiana last November, I ordered a few bits from Glossier. (You may remember I waxed lyrical about Boy Brow.) I wanted to give their Milky Jelly Cleanser a good few weeks before deciding whether or not I loved it – and, now that I've been using it for about two months, I can definitively tell you: I love it. It's super gentle, it takes off every scrap of makeup and it doesn't hurt like a motherf*cker if you get it in your eyes. (What can I say? I like to use one cleanser to take off all my makeup – face and eyes – and cleansers that hurt my eyes can just f*ck right off. No, I'm not sure why I'm asterisking my fucks like my readers are 11 years old. I'm sorry.)

Haircare to feel smug about

I was sent a few samples of the Insight range a couple of months ago, and I immediately fell in love. Okay, that may be slightly hyperbolic because I don't really think one can fall in love with haircare... BUT this stuff is really gorgeous. All of the Insight products are SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and SES (sodium laureth sulfate) free, petrolatum-, silicon-, paraben-, colourant- and allergen-free and made in the EU using "phyto and organic extracts". I'm not really sure what that very last point means, but what I do know is that they are gorgeous to use, smell lovely and leave my hair feeling really good – without that kind of "build-up" I sometimes get from more synthetic products (usually containing silicones). You can get them from Molloys Pharmacies and, now in Avoca stores too!

Creamy, shimmery shadow that doesn't crease

best cleanser moisturiser liquid lipstick

You'll be bored of hearing me talk about this very shortly, because my Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise in Bette is also in my upcoming Net-a-Porter haul. (That is, if any of you watch it – I've come to the conclusion that people really don't care about my makeup videos, which is upsetting, because I love putting on makeup and they're an easy YouTube video to film! I'll have to get back to ranting ASAP.) This cream shadow – which you can also buy at CT counters in Brown Thomas and Arnotts – is gorgeous. It's rich and metallic without being OTT and, despite its being a cream shadow, it doesn't crease. It's the perfect cream shadow. I adore it.

Liquid lipstick worth writing home about

What does that even mean, "worth writing home about"? There was a very short period in my life when I wrote letters – during the Gaeltacht, basically – and, when I did write letters, everything was worth writing home about. I used to write epic 10-page tomes to my parents detailing what we had for every single meal and relaying the minutiae of conversations had over Gaelic practice. (To their credit, they always pretended to have read the whole thing.)

Anyway, the Kat von D liquid lipsticks – newly arrived at Debenhams – are gorgeous. I picked up the shade Outlaw (in the above selfie) the other day on a whim (at €21, I'm such a spendthrift) and have immediately resolved to spend every other spare cent I have this month stocking up on different shades. It's matte, but not too matte (you know that kind of matte that looks desiccated, like a mummified beauty queen); lasts ages and, when it does wear off (say, after Mexican food and a few cocktails), it goes kind of ombré so, y'know, doesn't look terrible. Well worth the €€€, if you ask me.

My favourite new perfume combo

best cleanser perfume miu miu rosemary mac cabe

Pic credit: Vera Camilla

I am a firm – firm! – believer in layering my scents, so this is a bit of an expensive routine I'm about to run you through. My sister bought me the Miu Miu Eau du Parfum for my birthday, along with the shower gel and moisturiser (I know, I'm spoiled) so, about twice a week when I'm feeling faaaaaancy, I layer all three up and smell amazing for at least 14 hours.

The God's honest truth: Miu Miu's Eau du Parfum, though it may look delightful, is not particularly pungent so, if I don't engage the layering routine, the scent fades pretty quickly. Too quickly for my liking. But layering does the job and guarantees that at least two people will tell me I smell great. At least two.

And a few things that I was not so blown away by...

Topshop lipliner I don't know what it is about this that I just did not absolutely love, but I suspect it was the fact that it was a much darker colour than it looked on the packaging (and the tester had gone AWOL) – along with the fact that it disappears really quickly. It's just one of those lip products you end up licking off within 15 seconds.

Glossier's Priming Moisturiser They may do the best cleanser, but I guess there had to be at least one Glossier item that I don't love, and this priming moisturiser is it. It seems to leave an odd silicon-like film on my skin, foundation sits on top of it and then, approx 20 minutes later, it rolls off in tiny little granules. It's weird. Not pour moi.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit I should've known that this would not be for me; I can barely handle the 1990s-style bronzer routine. But still, when in the US, I was overcome by the wanting of the things, and I forked out. Can I handle it? No, I can not. I mean: why does one person need six – SIX – contour shades? What could one person do with all of these shades? What are they all for? I've watched at least 72 YouTube tutorials and I still don't know. Big mistake. Huge.

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