Best pancakes in Dublin – from sinful to (almost) saintly


I don't usually do two blog posts a day – and honestly, if I'd thought about it, I'd have released my "best pancakes in Dublin" list yesterday – but Pancake Tuesday is a special day, so here we are. This'll be short and sweet – just a few ideas of places to get delish pancakes if you find yourself out and about and feel like celebrating.

Best pancakes in Dublin: the deluxe edition

Herbstreet's buttered banana pancakes, served with clotted cream, walnuts and maple syrup are not for the faint-hearted. They are for the gods.

Best pancakes in Dublin: semi-healthy

Brother Hubbard's semolina pancakes change seasonally – a few months ago they came with poached pear and pomegranate. Right now they're being served up with hazelnut chocolate, date salted caramel, freeze dried raspberries, rose petals and banana mascarpone. (I have no idea why I've convinced myself that these are healthy – it's probably the dates.)

Best pancakes in Dublin: pizza edition

best pancakes in Dublin Base

So this is a bit of a gas novelty – Base Pizza is doing special Nutella pancakes for one day only, €3 with every pizza order.

Best pancakes in Dublin: the pancake that's not a pancake

Strictly speaking, this is a hotcake, from Two Boys Brew in Phibsborough. Whatever it is, it's delicious – that lime curd is worth committing murder for.

Best pancakes in Dublin: the crepes

Lemon has to be the original and best crepe joint in town – they do sweet and savoury, and they're quick and really tasty.

Best pancakes in Dublin: for sheer variety

best pancakes in Dublin Slice

Slice, sister cafe to the Cake Cafe, in Stoneybatter changes its pancake offering weekly (I think). Right now they have four varieties available all day, or while stocks last.

What are your favourite pancake joints in town? And will you be eating your crepes in a restaurant, or will you be flipping up a storm at home?