Can Snapchat influence purchases? Well, duh...


When it comes to being easily influenced, I would put myself smack bang in the middle – striking a happy balance between the person who wants to buy everything from the JML ads, and the person who refuses to buy anything they've seen advertised, without reading at least five independent reviews (those people, incidentally, are zero fun to go to Musgrave's with). So, I'm the type of person who'll see a JML onion slicer and think, wow, that could come in handy, and, two seconds later, see an ad for a new face cream derived from the husk of the virgin coconut and think, eh, really?! However, that cynicism seems to have fallen out the window and been crushed to smithereens, floors below, since the advent of Snapchat. What is it about the video- and photo-sharing app that makes recommendations seem just so very convincing?

My personal theory is that it's about just how natural and off the cuff it all is. Snapchat gives us a window into other people's lives. Even those who choose to share very little somehow manage to give the impression that we're all just really good friends, sharing tips and tricks – in particular, beauty secrets – with one another. And who hasn't been swayed by the recommendation of their BFF?

Anyway, it was while writing my "to buy when I have the money" list this morning that I began to think about just how many of my purchasing decisions are now directly influenced by what I've seen on Snapchat. Don't believe me? Here are a mere 10 items I wish to buy, solely because I saw someone I do not know telling me, via the medium of Snapchat, that they're worth buying.

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Abu Dhabi

does Snapchat influence purchases Rosemary Mac Cabe

Step right up, @anouskapb, because this one is all your fault. Anouska talked about this matte lipstick in her Snapchat story a few days ago and it's all I can think about. I even, for the first time in my life, used Boots' "check store availability" function, and thought about a trip to Blanchardstown Shopping Centre on a Saturday, such was my desire for this €7.75 lip product. Do I need it? Nope. Do nude lip colours look good on me? Nope. But, y'know, Anouska said it's lovely, and I believe her.

Printed workout leggings from DoYouEven

There's something about following the #fitfam on Snapchat that makes you firmly believe that it's impossible to exercise without seriously dope bottoms – and these guys from DoYouEven are top of my list. They do regular discount codes on Snapchat @doyouevenTV, and there's currently 20% off with the code SUMMER20, so... they're practically free, right?

A Ban.Do 17-month agenda

does Snapchat influence purchases Rosemary Mac Cabe

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Okay, so this one's a bit of a cheat, because I already bought mine, but there is no way I would have been arsed buying a glorified Dialann if it hadn't been for seeing these babies looking absolutely awesome on Snapchat – I blame @cunninghamlaura. I'll admit, I adore mine, but I have a Filofax – which I still have, because my Ban.Do agenda is too big to tote around, so sits on my desk. Sigh.

The Kylie lip kit

Clearly, lipstick is a bit of a theme here but, honestly, it's not because I have a particular grá for it. In fact, I rarely wear lipstick – only for telly and (rare) nights out. But watching people (ahem @vickinotaro) unwrap their Kylie Lip Kits on Snapchat had me experiencing a serious case of FOMO.

A Lumee iPhone case

Does Snapchat influence purchases Rosemary Mac Cabe

I am 100% convinced that my life would not be improved by the addition of a Lumee iPhone case (there are too many snappers to mention here, but you know who you are!). I mean, I take enough selfies as it is, and I really don't need to illuminate my face. But still... It could be jealousy, that everyone else has one, or curiosity, about whether it would actually make that much of a difference, but I can't guarantee that I'm going to stay strong. I may cave one day and then it's selfie city.

Mark the cat – or, okay, any cat

Goodnight from us! 🐯 #markthecat

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It may surprise you to learn this, because of how obsessed I am with my own dog, but I am also a cat person. (I'm such a good all-rounder.) I occasionally have pangs for the presence of a cat in my life, but then I think about how much hassle we have with Coileán – but then, with Snapchat, I have those pangs a lot, thanks primarily to @cunninghamlaura, @emerthescreamer and @shouisemclarry. Ladies, if y'all need a cat sitter...

A marble desk

I even went so far as to research – or, y'know, ask @mollypocket89 about it – where I would that sticky marble covering so that I could recover my desk and have the perfect Instagram background. And the thing is, while I like marble, I fear we've reached peak marble, and I'm not sure I want to commit to having the same background – essentially a monochrome print – on my photographs for the rest of my life. Then I see a beautiful marble flatlay and I'm all at sea again!

Nutramino protein bars

How good do these look? 20-21 g of protein and amazing taste.

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I have a confession to make. I am not a huge protein bar person. I know, shocker, especially considering I'm mad fit now. I haven't tried the Nutramino bars, but I've tried a few others, and Fulfil are definitely the tastiest I have tried – but none of them would be a staple part of my diet. That being said, watching @LeanneHickey get her post-workout Nutramino fix has me totally and utterly convinced that these Nutramino bars are incredibly delicious. So much so that I have yet to taste one, for fear I become addicted and start a pricey protein bar obsession.