Change your health direction – for free – with LloydsPharmacy


‘ Change your health direction – for free – with LloydsPharmacy’ is a sponsored post, in collaboration with LloydsPharmacy The start of any year is the perfect marketing opportunity for those peddling expensive health- and diet-related "miracle cures" – there are discount codes on slimming clubs, three for two offers on supplements, the sportswear is front and centre in every supermarket – which is why LloydsPharmacy's Change Your Health Direction programme is so unique.

Y'all know that I don't do all that many collaborations. I don't want to post photographs of brand names on my Instagram, or smile for photographs outside the opening of a new club, for one; I want to create decent content, and share things that I think are worthwhile or important. I turn down far more opportunities than I take, but when LloydsPharmacy got in touch to ask me to take part in their free eight-week programme, and tell you about it on my social media channels, it made total sense.

Change your health direction LloydsPharmacy

What is it that LloydsPharmacy is offering?

Change Your Health Direction is, essentially, an eight-week transformation plan that will help you get that little bit closer to your personal health goals, with the advice and supervision of a trained professional.

It's a one-to-one programme that offers guidance and supervision, including BMI and blood pressure testing; regular weigh-ins (if needed); tips on exercise, supplements and nutrition; a supervised smoking cessation plan and thrice-weekly healthy recipes by The Healthonist, on the LloydsPharmacy blog.

Each LloydsPharmacy has its own Change Your Health Direction coach; it might be the pharmacist in that particular branch, or a member of the pharmacy team who's passionate about exercise and nutrition. They'll be your mentor throughout the programme, there to help you with any questions you have and support you through any blips!

What do you need to do?

Here's the really impressive thing, if you ask me; you just need to show up. There's absolutely no fee involved with the programme, and there's no obligation to buy a single thing.

Your Change Your Health Direction coach, sure, will advise you on steps that you should take to improve your overall health – and they might, from time to time, suggest vitamins or minerals you should be taking, but you can come in for your meeting every week, for eight weeks, and spend absolutely nothing – it's about your health, not about your money.

Why am I doing it?

It's a good question! If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I've undergone a bit of a personal transformation over the past 18 months. I quit my Eddie Rocket's habit (although Eddie's, I still love you), I took up regular exercise and I quit smoking, but I'm still searching for that elusive chestnut: balance.

Don't get me wrong, my diet is 10,000 times better than it was in 2015, but I still struggle with periods of deprivation and over-indulgence, and I know that my BMI is still too high – so I'm hoping that, by taking part in LloydsPharmacy's Change Your Health Direction programme, I'll be able to, er, change my health direction!

In the past few months, I've honestly changed my whole outlook on health and weight loss and balance; I don't want an #instabod any more (thank God), but I do want to be healthy, and to feel like I have a long and happy life ahead of me! I'd like to know what vitamins and minerals I should be taking, and I love the idea of building up a relationship with my local LloydsPharmacy pharmacist (because I really hate forking out €60 for my GP every time I have a quibble).

Keep up to date with my health direction...

I'll be snapping my visit each week, so keep an eye on my Snapchat @rosemarymaccabe – and I'll also be posting updates to Facebook each week, letting you know what's going on, whether things are going the right way or the wrong way, what I've done right that week and what I've done wrong. I won't be relying on the scales, but on body measurements, blood pressure and how I feel – which is so much more important than how we look, after all.

If you fancy doing it with me, all you have to do – and I mean all you have to do – is drop into your local LloydsPharmacy and sign up!

This post is in partnership with LloydsPharmacy. As usual, all opinions, experiences and anecdotes are my own. For more on my attitude to freebies, affiliates and commercial collaborations, check out my disclaimer.