Christmas comes early to ASOS


  So this is a bit of a camera / iPhone dump, wherein I will show you all of what caught my eye at the recent ASOS Christmas press day in London. (Yes, that's Christmas you're seeing right there.)

I originally thought I'd wait - y'know, at least until the kiddies were back at school - to launch into talk of Christmas, but then I saw Christmas decorations being tweeted this morning (suspected culprit: Brown Thomas) and it seemed as good a time as any.

2014-07-31 14.09.28

There are four "stories", so to speak, for Christmas 2014 at the online retailer: scout, Nordic, American hustle and prom princess, some of which are more self-explanatory than others.

photo 4 (1)

2014-07-31 13.59.30

2014-07-31 13.59.54

To be clear: Scout is a kind of 1980s homage, with plenty of wool-mix fabrics, tartans, Argyle prints and Christmas jumpers that wouldn't look out of place in a Wham! video. Imagining it on Carey Mulligan in her downtime - assuming that Carey Mulligan dresses exactly like her character in Never Let Me Go.

2014-07-31 14.03.15

Nordic Ice (above, and this dress is one of my faves) despite the name, is not quite as Scandi as you might imagine. It's more about tonal shades and pastel colours than Scandi aesthetics (Cos, IKEA etc). Think minty greens and blues, pastel pinks, greys and lots of icy cool embellishment. For example:

2014-07-31 13.57.21

2014-07-31 13.57.39

It was obviously not my number one trend, however, as I snapped very few pics of it - instead moving on to a love bomb on American hustle - the incredible red sequined two-piece was positively mesmerising, from all angles.

photo 1

2014-07-31 14.01.42


American hustle, as per the name, was a focus on the 1970s - faux furs, metallic lurex fabrics, lush colours and textures and lots of pencil shapes as well as halternecks (well, if it's good enough for Lizzy Caplan...)

photo 2 (1)

2014-07-31 14.02.11 Last (and perhaps least): prom princess. Again, not high up on my want list but undoubtedly a trend that's going to be huge this and every Christmas. Party dresses, bright colours, reds and pinks a-plenty and super-cool embellishment.

2014-07-31 14.05.23

photo 5

And for the Christmas season, ASOS is revamping its underwear collection: think fashion-forward styles and shapes (you can catch a glimpse in the top picture, and see my favourite set, below).

photo 3

Because this is ASOS, you can assume that nothing is going to be too expensive - some of the ASOS Salon and ASOS Black / White items might be €150-odd, but it's rare that you'll find an ASOS-branded item too far above that. Which means: I'll have one of everything. Items start dropping in September - "high Christmas" will be online in late October / November time, and keep an eye out for gifts - the ASOS Beauty range is expanding and they have some deadly boxed bits that would do very nicely as stocking fillers.