Christmas gift ideas – the novelty books edition


I've talked before about the standard Christmas gift ideas in the Mac Cabe household. In each Christmas stocking, there would be a Terry's Chocolate Orange; a new pair of socks; and every year – without fail – we would get at least two books. These would – and still do – vary, from fiction (one of my favourites was Richard Yates's Revolutionary Road; I've never seen the film, and don't think I will, because I just loved the book so much) to art or photography (my parents are definitely fond of the odd bizarre novelty "bathroom" book, but I also got some great fashion books that I love and cherish, and my boyfriend gave me Humans of New York for our first Christmas together, which I get out regularly and leaf through) and all that lies between.

With that in mind, I thought I'd do up a little post with a few suggested Christmas gift ideas of the book variety. I've gone for mostly coffee-table or recipe books; I find fiction is a little tougher to buy for other people, but if you're stuck you could buy them a YourShelf bundle, a book subscription service that ships out bespoke book bundles based on your likes, dislikes, previously read (and loved) books... I subscribed and loved my books.

The fashion books

Fashion's kind of a no-brainer when it comes to Christmas gift ideas – if someone's into fashion, buys magazines, has a healthy love of clothing and designers, you have a lot of books to choose from when it comes to gifts. A few of my faves (at differing price points)...

Christmas gift ideas books Vogue goes pop colouring book

Vogue Goes Pop Colouring Book by Iain R. Webb, €13.32

Christmas books Chanel Assouline

Set of 3 hardcover Chanel books (covering jewellery, fashion and fragrance), €65

Christmas books Get Gorgeous

Get Gorgeous: 21 Days to a More Beautiful, Confident You, £16.99 (sterling)

Let me just state that I do kind of think these books are bullshit – anything that sells you a way to be more beautiful or confident is snake oil. That being said, sometimes they're beautiful books and this one is cute – plus has a whole chapter dedicated to flat shoes, so gets my vote.

The niche books

Every now and then you'll see a book and it'll just scream out a certain person's name – because there is definitely someone in your life who is obsessed with Nutella (not me; I like the personalised jars but the actual stuff is revolting), bacon (okay, yes, maybe me) and all things Scandinavian...

Christmas books Nutella recipes

Nutella: The 30 Best Recipes, €15

Christmas books book of Hygge

The Book of Hygge, €17.32 Christmas books The Little Bacon Cookbook

The Little Bacon Cookbook, €17.32

The beautiful books

And sometimes – just sometimes – you buy books because they're beautiful, and you know someone who loves travelling, or men, or cats, or all three, and you just know that, even if they never read them, they would love to own these. (But, y'know, books are for reading – so read.) Christmas books Luxe city guides

Luxe City Guides: Romantic Getaways Gift Box, €45

Christmas books Men & Cats

Men & Cats (aka the best book ever made), £8.99 (sterling)

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