The copper coil, one year later: an update


This post is specifically for those of you who aren't incredibly sick and tired of me talking about my copper coil; for the rest of you, I'm sorry. You can read parts one and two of this saga in my archives: when I first got the copper coil inserted, and wanted to have it removed; and when I was finally getting comfortable with it, but my mooncup sucked it out. This is part three – and, I hope, it'll mark third time lucky for me, my uterus and my copper coil.

Why I changed my mind – from anti to pro

In part one of this tale I had decided that the copper coil was at the root of – if not all, then a lot of – my problems. I thought it was to blame for the deterioration in my mood. The copper coil seemed (to me) to be to blame for a dip in my motivation in terms of working out and eating well. My periods were heavier and came with cramps I'd never experienced before. So, what changed?

Ultimately, a lot changed. When I wrote the first post, I really was determined to get rid of my copper coil – then, I spoke to my lovely GP. She suggested that I give it a little bit more time to see if things would settle down. The body, she said, sometimes takes a little time to adjust to any changes. I thought this made sense, so I gave it a little more time.

And while she was right about some parts – I rediscovered my motivation (er, kind of) and willpower (same) – she was wrong about others. The cramps didn't die down all that much and my periods remained heavier than they had been before the copper coil. So I decided to keep it.

Then, my mooncup happened. (Life sucks, right?) Afterwards, I wasn't sure whether to get the copper coil reinserted or not, but the pros outweighed the cons. (Y'know, not getting pregnant > getting pregnant.)

The copper coil: the sequel

It was a month before I had another inserted. This may have something to do with how seamless the insertion process was this time around. It was pretty uncomfortable as it was inserted (it's not really that much fun) and a few days of cramps. Then, there was a week of spotting – after which? Nothing.

Therefore I have high hopes for this latest turn with the copper coil. Things I won't be doing include: using a mooncup. Wish me luck – it'd be seriously bad luck for it to happen again, wouldn't it?