Getting to Crete – day one of my yoga retreat experience


Believe me, recent events have meant that I most definitely was not in a rush to go on another one-week long foreign holiday with "health" at its core – but when Sweaty Soul Studio's Molly McKeever invited me to come along on her Cretan yoga retreat in the picturesque seaside town of Paleochora, how could I say no? Now, before you get carried away: my day one vlog is not going to be full of yoga. It is, however, full of airports, bad lighting, me speaking in a very gravelly voice about airports and bad lighting, and it is thrilling*.

I'm wearing**: (Old) Zara tee, similar (but WAY cooler) here; (Old) Zara chinos, similar here; Necklaces by MoMuse; Jumper: Penneys menswear; Backpack from Asos, black version here.

*That may not be true, but lookit, it's only six minutes long, right?

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