En Voga with Danone Light and Free #ad


There are certain collaborations that you really have to think long and hard about: Is this something I can get on board with? Will it work for my brand? Will it work for their brand? But getting on board with Danone Light and Free? That was a no-brainer.

When I was approached by Danone and Evoke.ie to do some social media ahead of their Light and Free launch in the Radisson Blu Hotel in Stillorgan, I jumped at the chance. It essentially combined everything I love: Greek-style yoghurt, make-up and manicures and Instagrammable outdoor activity in the form of Voga.

Ah, voga – a fusion of Vogue-ing, Madonna-style, and yoga, the brainchild of (of course) London gal and Ibiza fan Juliet Murrell. It's a bit like yoga, right, but with weird hand movements and a lot of balancing poses, and far sweatier. But somehow, thanks to the 80s beats and collective enthusiasm, I managed to strike a pose as the sun set in Dublin without mortifying myself entirely. Although, I'll admit, it wasn't that buoying when a fellow vogi approached me afterwards and said, "God, that was hard! I could barely keep up – I think you and I had similar levels of uncoordination!" Eh, cheers!

Danone Light and Free Rosemary Mac Cabe

As for the product itself, there were ample supplies of Danone Light and Free for all 250 attendees (it was a whopper event!) – it's a new 0% fat, 0% added sugar Greek-style yoghurt that comes in Peach Passion Fruit, Cherry Charmer, Strawberry Sensation, Raspberry Razzle and Blueberry Burst flavours, and each one will set you back around 58 calories.

I scoffed two for my pre-voga breakfast – Peach Passion Fruit, which was really zingy and tasty; and Raspberry Razzle, which had loads of yummy raspberry pieces – with some Sea Bee Tree Exotic Spelt muesli from Super Valu's Food Academy, and chopped fresh strawberries from Nudiefoods.

Danone Light and Free Rosemary Mac Cabe

If you ever get a chance to try voga, you should definitely give it a go – it's gas and will totally make you laugh and sweat in equal measure. And if you spot Danone Light and Free, I'd recommend snapping that up too; it's really tasty! I'll be trying not to gorge on three a day, but I'll definitely be indulging in some with my home-made protein pancakes of a Sunday morning – I love me a treat that doesn't send things off track entirely!

This post is in partnership with Danone and Evoke.ie. As usual, all opinions, sentence structure and hilarious self-deprecation are my own. For more on my attitude to freebies, commercial collaborations and more, check out my disclaimer.