A great depression, the sequel


I know it's a bright, shiny new year - and I should be focusing on a bright, shiny new me. But things don't always work out the way you want them to, and the last few weeks have seen the return of an all-too-familiar melancholia that pays no heed to seasons, lifestyle changes or perceived "fresh starts". So I've been letting myself nest, and letting myself cry, and letting myself feel like my boots are filling right up with sadness and heavier than they should be.

I went to see The Theory of Everything and cried until I couldn't cry any more; I watched Les Choristes on Netflix and wept myself to sleep. Right now I'm listening to Wolf Larsen and letting it fill my boots right up. Sometimes you need to just let yourself feel it and ignore the people who tell you to cheer up. It's all right not to feel okay.

If you just don't understand depression, think sufferers need to have a more positive outlook, stop focusing on themselves and stop being so damn selfish, read this. But mostly, just STFU. If you need to feel like you're doing something, do this.