Designs On... The Handmade Soap Company


Handmade Soap Co Moustache Wax, €7.95 There are certain sites I’ll always be happy to while away my time on. Pinterest is one (duh), Facebook another (double duh). But I also have a soft spot for, the Irish property lettings and selling site – this despite the fact that I have no intention of moving until absolutely necessary.

Another of my internet poisons is Lovely Package. Now, before you get your knickers in a twist, it’s not what you think – it’s a site dedicated to the best in package design. No, not thatkind of package, but branded packaging. Think wine labels, laundry detergent branding and beautiful, arty jam jars. Yes, really.

When I received news that Irish company, The Handmade Soap Company, had undergone some rebranding, I immediately thought of Lovely Package. Then I took a look at the images, and I realised that The Handmade Soap Company has gone a little more retro than Lovely Package usually likes to champion: no Helvetica here.

Handmade Soap Co ChocoMint Lipbalm, €4.50

Instead, we’re talking super colourful, fun and vintage-style colours and designs – and I should say, these packages house 100% natural skincare products, using what The Handmade Soap Company calls “traditional techniques”. The best thing is that prices are seriously good – from €4.50 for a lip balm to €15.95 for the brand’s body butter.

Handmade Soap Co Gardeners Soap, €6.95Handmade Soap Co Grapefruit Body Butter, €15.95Handmade Soap Co Grapefruit Bubble Bath, €9.95Handmade Soap Co Lavendar Bubble Bath, €9.95 Handmade Soap Co Orange Lipbalm, €4.50Handmade Soap Co The Kitchen Soap, €6.95