It's not easy being pink - a chronicle of colour


If there's one thing that's a surefire guarantee of a 10-a-day selfie average, it's dyeing your hair pink. I should know - I did it three weeks ago. Deciding to dye my hair pink wasn't something I mulled over for months; it wasn't a burning desire, but more a rush of impulse that came soon after I attended the Wella TrendVision UK & Ireland Finals in London. As (relatively new) editor of Creative HEAD Ireland, I've been thrown, head first (if you'll pardon the pun) into a world about which I knew a hell of a lot less than I thought - and every event is a baptism of fire (not to mention every issue of the magazine).

Despite the tough loving I'm feeling from the industry itself, there's something incredibly inspiring about watching the most artistic Irish hairdressers take to the stage to compete for a place in the international TrendVision finals in Monaco later this month - and I came home determined that Matthew Feeney, who took the bronze medal in the Colour category, needed to do something to my, quite frankly, hella boring brown locks.

I made myself a little moodboard and I toddled into Aviary Lane on South Anne St for my transformation. Step one:

2014-10-18 21.55.12

There's a steep learning curve with pink hair. The main lesson? Pink does not last. The above pics were taken after one wash - when my peachy pink colour (below, bottom right) had bleached out slightly to give me shades of pink and lavender. Confession? I love the messy, mismatched look - I think a single pink tone would look dull and flat, while the slightly highlighted nature of the ups and downs (thanks to constant colouring of my hair, remnants of semis of Christmasses past and variations in the porousness of each hair) looks interesting and eye-catching.

Pink hair2

More conclusions? Blondes definitely do not have more fun. Pinks have more fun. I got a text from a friend today that said, "Weirdly, I think pink suits you - physically and personality-wise - better than any other colour." And who doesn't want to be a pink lady? (Plus, 100% more attention from men. Not to be shallow about it.)

Now? I'm on dye job number two. (Ooh-er.) I've been bleached twice, pinked twice and I have a delightful take-home tub of conditioner mixed with pink dye to apply each time my hair gets washed - which, I'll confess, is about twice a week since I started trying to preserve both colour and blow-dry (thanks to John in Queen for the incredible blow-out below, centre).

Pink hair1

One advantage of having a bleached base is that you can pretty much go any shade of pastel that you feel like once it washes out - but for now? I think I'll stick with pink.

Apologies for the selfie-heavy post, but needs must... As compensation, listen to this deadly song.