Eat clean - with lots of guacamole


I'm not much of a cook, right? Or, more accurately, I haven't been much interested in cooking since I discovered restaurants (around the same time I started earning a wage). Why cook something mediocre when I could go eat something incredibly delicious? Recent weeks, however, have seen me do a total 180 (if you haven't, by the way, the episode of This American Life where they talk about doing a 180 is so worth listening to), thanks in no small part to my new personal trainer, who has me eating more or less clean, doing a whole lot of squats and using a kettle bell that's bigger than my head.

My diet now looks something like this: porridge with fruit and honey or eggs with turkey sausages and tomatoes for breakfast; fish and vegetables for lunch; chicken and vegetables for dinner (chicken and fish are interchangeable, although I eat a lot more of the former). I thought that prescription sounded pretty damn dull. Until I discovered: dark and light tuna flakes from Carluccio's (with beautiful collectible tin); grilling chicken with a boat load of spices on it; and Mexican food.

I mean, I didn't just discover Mexican food. But I'd kind of forgotten how, if you omit the cheese and sour cream (I swear, your honour, I did not eat a single thing from the cheese and sour cream categories above), Mexican food is pretty damn healthy - and so delicious. The delicacies above are: brown rice with coriander (Gwyneth's brown rice cooking method is foolproof); grated cheese (didn't eat it); chicken with home made taco mix; guacamole (amazing); kidney beans; tomato salsa.

Huevos rancheros

The next morning, I had a repeat - I fried off two eggs (no oil, although my pan isn't happy), then threw in some of the tomato salsa and had 'em all together with some leftover guacamole. My recommendation? Take your guacamole out of the fridge at least an hour before eating for maximum taste potential.

Some other deliciousness I've been enjoying...

Chicken and peach salad

Chicken salad with flat peaches (honestly the best money you'll spend this month), mixed peppers, avocado (addicted), butterhead lettuce and, um, those other little lettuces that you buy in a bag of two, with a little balsamic vinegar.

Griled chicken and salad

Chicken marinated in lime juice with chilli powder and paprika (grilled on tinfoil somehow makes it extra juicy), served with rocket, spinach and baby leaf salad; cherry tomatoes; sweet peppers and more guacamole.

Rainbow tuna salad

Aforementioned orgasmic dark and light tuna, with brown rice, spinach (seriously that was like a whole bag of spinach, that stuff defies all the laws of physics), peppers, tomatoes and avocado.

See? Eating healthily is, like, totally easy - and, at this time of year, multicoloured too.