Is Fabletics too good to be true? REVIEW!


In the past year, I reckon I've tried at least 10 different brands of sports gear, from H&M to Nike, Asics, Under Armour, Sweaty Betty and now, Fabletics (link here). I'm justifying it by saying that, now that I'm training to be a personal trainer (more on which later), I have an excuse; if I'm going to spend the rest of my life wearing gym gear, I may as well be wearing the best gym gear I can find, right?

What is Fabletics?

So, first things first. Fabletics is a leisurewear brand fronted by Kate Hudson (yes, that Kate Hudson). It's an online subscription retailer which means, essentially, that you pay a monthly fee and, with that monthly fee, you get to select an outfit.

This kind of model is quite new to me, in Ireland – although I gather that, in the US, it's been going for quite a while (with the likes of Baublebar). Think of it a little like Glossybox, except you get to pick what you get. It's online-only – they've done a few pop-up shops but with the focus firmly on the online sphere, it doesn't look like Fabletics will be going concrete any time soon.

Fabletics sports workout fashion

How does Fabletics work?

Pretty much like any other subscription works. You pay a monthly fee – on the UK site, that monthly fee is £44 ($49.95 if you're US-based) – and then, each month, you're invited to "shop" from new stock at VIP prices. You can use your outfit credit towards an outfit of your choosing (sometimes two items, sometimes a top, bottoms and a bra), and you may need to add a little extra.

For example, this month there are a few outfits that are selling at £56 for VIP members. I pay £44 a month so I'd add £12 to buy one of those outfits.

If you're not into subscribing, you can still shop – but you'll pay way over the VIP prices for your clobber. Take the Sadie outfit, for example. For VIP members, it'll cost one credit, or £44. For non-members, it's £74.

Do you have to get a new outfit every month?

Here's where Fabletics is actually deadly; the answer is no. You get five days, from the 1st to the 5th of every month, to decide whether or not you want in that month. I joined up last month, and I used my one-time-only VIP extra discount to load my basket up! So then, when July rolled around and I got my email, I thought to myself: I'll skip this month. I'd just bought two pairs of leggings, two tops and a bra, so I probably didn't need another outfit.

You log on between the 1st and 5th and click "skip this month". Your account isn't charged and you carry on as normal. You can still shop if you see something you love, and at the VIP prices – and, if you forget to skip it and your account is charged, you can hold on to your outfit credit for as long as you like. You don't "lose" your money if you don't spend it, which I thought would be the case before I signed up!

Fabletics sports workout fashion

Does Fabletics ship to Ireland?

Officially, no; right now, they only ship to the UK (and the US, obvs) – but I got around it by paying with my PayPal account and using An Post's Address Pal service (I just had this thought: imagine if I'd somehow managed to get An Post to pay me for this! But alas, not an ad). The UK part of the shipping was free, so then I paid €3.75 to have my bounty delivered to my local post office.

How long does Fabletics take to arrive?

If you're UK-based, I think you're looking at 1-3 business days. Because I used Address Pal, it took a little bit longer. I ordered my stuff on a Friday and, by the following Friday, it was in my local post office awaiting collection. You just rock up with your confirmation email, pay and toddle on home with your goods!

What did I buy?

I bought the Branxton outfit (the Amna tunic and the Salar capri) and the Kembla outfit (the Trisha tank, the Powerlite Gia crop and the Kana sports bra). I paid £77 (which worked out at around €90), and then €3.75 for delivery.

What did I think?

The million-dollar question! Obviously, there's no use in having this deadly subscription model with a whole host of workout gear if the stuff is rubbish. And is it? The short answer is: no.

I love, love, love my Fabletics stuff – with a few teeny tiny caveats. Let's go from the least favourite to number one, right?

I bought my Kana sports bra in a size L; I'm a 38C, sometimes 36D, and decided the M would be a little too tight – but, in fact, I should've gone M as the L is a little too comfy! It's fine for lifting weights, walking around, yoga etc – but if I was doing a HIIT class or any kind of jumping, I'd want that little bit of extra support. It's not really the bra's fault, I just chose the wrong size.

Then the Powerlite Gia crop leggings are really lovely – and if I didn't have the Salar pair, I'm sure I would adore them! But they're just a bit lightweight compared to the Salars, and they don't fully pass the squat test – meaning that, if I bent over right in front of your face (which I wouldn't, because I'm polite), you'd see my knickers. Honestly? This never bothers me. All of my leggings go see-through at some stage (what can I say? I'm a very enthusiastic bender) and I just feel like... they're just knickers.

Then the tops: both the Amna tunic and the Trisha tank are gorgeous. They're super comfortable, they fit perfectly and they look great. They're that kind of ice white that 100% will not last in my washing machine, but for now, they're still beautiful.

Which brings us on to my favourite item of all: the Salar capri pants. I ordered mine in Pop Coral, which is an insanely bright pink and they are just so so awesome. They are quite thick and have medium to high compression, meaning they hold everything in – but in a really comfortable way! They're honestly the best workout leggings I have ever bought or worn; I've worn them to the gym about four times now and the waistband hasn't even threatened to roll down once. I could sleep in them (and I am a very fussy sleeper, I hate anything to be tight or constricting).

In fact, even though I skipped this month, I am considering reneging on my decision and buy the Sadie outfit, just so that I can get another pair of Salars!

Ultimately, you can consider this an effusive Rosemary recommends; I'm so into them that I'd be 99.9% sure these are the only workout leggings I'll be buying from now on. You heard it here first. SHOP HERE.

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