Favourite things... June 2016 edition


I can't believe how quickly this year has gone – and it's hard to know whether to view it as a glass-half-full scenario or not. On the one hand, Jesus, isn't the time flying? On the other: well, we've a whole half of the year left: to make those changes we said we wanted on January 1st / to take that incredible trip / to turn this whole thing right around. That stream-of-consciousness revelation aside, let's get to the point, shall we? It's time to talk about June favourites. In the past couple of months, I've been making a conscious decision to buy less things. It helps that I'm still really struggling with how to dress myself, so buying new clothes is perhaps more of an ordeal than it should be – but the end result is that my favourites are often a bizarre compilation of food I've tried, things I've rediscovered and, er, things I (newly) like about myself. Without further ado...

Irish lambswool blankets from Industry & Co

Rosemary Mac Cabe June favourites baby blanket

With bonus pic of my newest nephew, Chance! Doesn't he look like a fake baby in this picture? Like a perfect baby, computerised for this photograph. Anyway, this was the gift I sent over (that I'm sure he just loves): a 100% Irish lambswool blanket by McNutts, that I got in Industry & Co. I loved that it was quite a neutral colour – let's face it, my sister is the one who'll be loving this the most, and it's just so incredibly soft. If you haven't been in, do check out Industry, on Drury St; it's got a gorgeous cafe with yummy salads, and they sell some seriously deadly homewares.

My InStyler

Rosemary Mac Cabe June favourites InStyler hair style

I know, this is a bit of a hair styling throwback – I feel like the InStyler was big news a few years back, and we don't hear that much about it any more. Well, this is wrong; I took my InStyler out a few weeks ago to style my (newly blonde thanks to the bods at Preen) and remembered just how great it is. It has a rotating barrel, so you essentially wrap your hair around it, close your hands down around the, er, bits... and let it do the work. It's brilliant. You can also use it to straighten or wave your hair. Love.

Nando's new Fino Platter

Rosemary Mac Cabe June favourites Nando's Fino Platter

This was dinner of choice when a flight from Gatwick was delayed, and myself and Orla of Gym Bunny fame could not have chosen better. The new Nando's Fino Platter is brill: a full chicken, sweet potato wedges, sweetcorn, coleslaw (which we swapped for salad cos we're difficult like that) and two sides. Amazing. (And no, I do not have a Nando's card / discount / affiliation!)

The Halti

Rosemary Mac Cabe June favourites dog Halti lead

This weird looking lead – which wraps around your dog's little snout and prevents him / her pulling on the lead – has revolutionised life with my furry baby. I would 100% absolutely definitely unequivocally recommend buying one if you have a dog who thinks he / she wears the trousers. Amazing.

Nobo's smoothie bowl

Rosemary Mac Cabe June favourites Nobo smoothie bowl Bloom

Yep, more food: I am still thinking about the Nobo smoothie bowl I had at Bloom this year. Not to mention wishing that all of my blog photos came out this beautifully...

Was there anything you particularly enjoyed this month? And how's your year shaping up: lots done, lots more to do, or do you feel it's all running away from you?! Let's discuss!