Get out of your 3 mobile contract – penalty-free


I've been telling anyone and everyone about how you can get out of your 3 mobile contract right now without incurring any penalties, and then I thought: why not publish a post on my blog about it? Might help someone who's just dying to get a new phone, or just to move away from their contract with 3. (Although honestly, I wouldn't recommend it – as far as I can tell, they have the best deals on unlimited data and calls.) 3 has just announced an increase in a lot of mobile plans – you should have got a letter in the post today. The increases are small change and, as it happens, you get more bang for your buck, including free EU roaming, but what they amount to is a breach of contract. In short, you signed up to pay X amount and 3 is now telling you that you'll be paying X + Y.

So what can you do? Give them a call and explain to them that you're not happy with the increases and you wish to cancel your contract. You'll be giving 30 days' notice (it won't be effective immediately) of your desire to end your contract and, once those 30 days are up, you'll be a free agent.

Point to note: you have 30 days from today to cancel your contract, so don't put it off. Also, if you try to get out of your 3 mobile contract, they will try to convince you to stay, so you'll have to stay firm. (When I did it, they offered to move me on to a sim-only plan immediately, forgoing the 30-day notice period.)

Hat tip to which, as it happens, is good for some things! :)