Grown-up clothes I truly believe would improve my life


I haven't done a fashion post in a while, so it feels like it's about time to talk about all of the grown-up clothes I want in my life. I forget, sometimes, that fashion is where I started out as a journalist (years ago now, at The Irish Times). At some point, I got tired of talking about clothes, shoes and bags and encouraging people to buy things they (more than likely) did not need. (Clearly, that's a discomfort I got over.) In all seriousness, writing about fashion in Ireland is difficult – not least because, ultimately, readers don't want articles about fashion. They want articles about shopping. No one seems to care about burgeoning Irish fashion designers, issues of sustainability or even think pieces about where fashion is going. I'm still excited about the self-cleaning cotton I first wrote about roughly eight years ago – although I haven't seen it make its way into production just yet.

Anyway, this is all a digression before I get into writing what I tired of all those years ago: shopping! This post will be affiliate-link heavy, meaning that, if you buy anything from my links, I'll make a small percentage. It won't make a difference to your end experience, but if you really hate the idea that I may profit from my recommendations, don't click the link! I'll let you know where each item is from anyway.

Now, to the business at hand.

Grown-up clothes I really, really want

Those of you who follow me on Facebook (if you don't, you should because, er, it'd be nice?) will know that I've been going through a sort of Gucci fascination of late. I'm not quite at the point where I'd like to commit €2,000 to a Gucci bag (or, I am, but can't afford it) – and honestly, I'm not sure whether this even fits in the "grown-up clothes" category. Is excessive spending on luxury goods a sign of adulthood or of immaturity? Either way, the Gucci Marmont* kind of holds a weird allure – that despite the fact that, as a general rule, I'm not a huge fan of ostentatious branding (another senior moment: "If they want me to advertise their brand, sure, they can pay ME to do it!").

grown-up clothes Caroline Hirons

Pic via Caroline Hirons

The Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder make-up collection* is another one that perhaps doesn't fit in the "grown-up clothes" category – because it's, er, not clothes. But there's definitely something that feels very grown-up about potentially owning these beauty bits. This is make-up for someone who's done experimenting and is ready to invest in items that she/he loves (and will love for some time). I'm actually not sure where these can be bought on terra firma in the Republic, but you can get 'em on Net-a-Porter (at the link) and in Dublin Airport.

grown-up clothes Levi's wedgie jeans

Levi's wedgie fit jeans* have been on my mind for a while – ever since I saw them on Nash. They pretty much do exactly what it says on the tin – give you a bit of a wedgie – but manage, simultaneously, to be delightfully old-school. They remind me of the 501s worn by this amazingly stylish Swedish girl I worked with in Urban Outfitters*. She had this totally unique style that was timeless; that was probably 15 years ago, and she'd still look shit cool now.

And a few I've already bought...

I recently came into some money. Ordinarily, this is code for a death-related windfall, but all I mean is that I recently got paid. Hallelujah! So I decided to treat myself to something that is frivolous and ridiculous but would remind me of the hard work I'd put in thus far: a Louis Vuitton agenda*.

Full-price, they're around €550 – I say around because I waited for 20 minutes in the Louis Vuitton concession in Brown Thomas before deciding that (a) my time was worth more than this and (b) it was a ridiculous outlay anyway. So I bought a nice leather Filofax* instead and called it a day.

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I also got severely #influenced by Sam Chapman and bought this Topshop shirt* (which I have yet to try on, and may end up going back, as blue isn't really my colour) – isn't it gorgeous? Especially with the red lip. It's actually sold out online, but they had a handful left in the Topshop in Arnotts yesterday, so if you're into it, run, don't walk!

While I was there (because buying one thing is stupid) I also bought this top*, which is in short supply online. There were loads in store, though. I think it's very Eager Beaver (meaning that it looks like it should smell like a vintage shop) but I think it would be really cool tucked into high-waisted black jeans. Which is why I bought these Jamie jeans*. They're super plain, but that's what I'm into these days. I hate ripped or stonewashed jeans and I'm over frayed hems too. (I think that's how you know you're getting old.)

I'm actually shocked at how short my list of things I want is – perhaps I really am maturing! Of course, I won't end up buying anything on this list and will instead end up adding more sequined, printed things to my wardrobe... Ah, life!

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