We Are Handsome A/W 2014 - slick swimwear from the Australian brand


If you haven't heard of We Are Handsome by now, chances are you've been living under a rock (did you find this page by accident? Feel free to go back to The Daily Mail, no one will mind) - or, y'know, maybe you just don't care about fairly expensive (and seriously cool) Australian swimwear. We-Are-Handsome-Swimsuits-Fall-2014-Swimsuits01At one time, We Are Handsome was a fairly niche range - after all, not that many people have €100-odd to be spending on swimwear (not Irish people, anyway, whose swimwear concerns have a distinctly narrow, usually foreign-holiday-related window) - stocked in Australian boutiques and on Net-a-Porter*.

We-Are-Handsome-Swimsuits-Fall-2014-Swimsuits02Nowadays, the Aussie brand's wares have gone mainstream - you'll find them online on MatchesFashion, as well as terrestrially in Fenwick, Harrods and Harvey Nichols. But luckily, the designs have stayed super-cool, not to mention expensive, meaning your We Are Handsome suit will retain a bit of its exclusivity.

Check out the full range - and campaign video - below, and join me in lamenting the fact that you don't live in Australia, where the terms A/W and swimwear aren't mutually exclusive.

We-Are-Handsome-Swimsuits-Fall-2014-Swimsuits03 We-Are-Handsome-Swimsuits-Fall-2014-Swimsuits04 We-Are-Handsome-Swimsuits-Fall-2014-Swimsuits05 We-Are-Handsome-Swimsuits-Fall-2014-Swimsuits06 We-Are-Handsome-Swimsuits-Fall-2014-Swimsuits07 We-Are-Handsome-Swimsuits-Fall-2014-Swimsuits08

We Are Handsome - The Catalyst 2014 from We Are Handsome on Vimeo.