3 Irish girls on Instagram who should be Instagram famous


Before we get started, "Instagram famous" is possibly the grossest term imaginable – but, in terms of describing people with enormous Instagram followings who make their money from posting pictures on the social media platform, it's pretty accurate, don't you think?

Why is s/he Instagram famous?!

In any case, you know what I mean – I frequently look at folks who are 100% Instagram famous and think, what the hell?! Why is this person incredibly popular when s/he has the world's blandest content, has never posted a photograph that couldn't be of someone else and can't seem to manage to hashtag ad when required. GAH. (Quick, fun game: look at someone's Instagram feed, imagine cropping their head out and ask yourself, if there was no head, would I know whose Instagram this is or could it be any random, bland blogger? If the answer is yes, unfollow! That shit is not interesting and doesn't deserve to be rewarded with your clicks.)

Then I look at the feeds of a variety of people who aren't Instagram famous, and I am genuinely baffled as to why not. By and large, they're pretty cool; they have a great sense of style; they have a great eye for colour and composition and photography; and they seem nice and interesting and unique. (Can you tell I'm having a day of feeling like everything is vanilla?!)

Anyway, I thought I'd cheer myself out of my blah funk by reminding myself – and you guys! – that there are gals out there who truly deserve to be Instagram famous. And maybe, just maybe, by posting about them here, I can give them a little bit of a nudge in that direction.

Yasmin Hamouda

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I have no clue who Yasmin is, which kind of adds to the joy of it all. I just know that her pics are shit cool and she has great hair (and friends who take great photos). Props.

Ashley Doyle

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Here's another – I have zero clue who Ashley is, or what she does. Her Instagram is not a "let's talk about every moment of my life" kind of Instagram. It's more a, "let's look at my great taste in accessories" kind of Instagram.

Aoife Mulvenna

Aoife's an architecture graduate, which kind of explains the eye for photography (or does it? Are all architects good photographers?) – but she also dresses SO WELL it's incredibly jealous-making.

There you go – short, sweet, lots of hair and good clothes. (You're welcome.)