Laura's Views – a guest post: You (yes, you) have an eating disorder


This is a first for a guest post! I've passed the baton to one of my favourite snappers, Laura's Views. She doesn't blog but she vlogs, so you can check her out on YouTube, on Facebook and on Instagram.

Laura's Views logging on...

I know I know, you're intrigued/infuriated by the title of this post but hear (read?) me out! I believe all of us are suffering from disordered eating in one way or another. And it's through NO fault of our own.

I've spoken to hundreds of girls and women over the past few years – both in real life and on my social media – and it is incredibly rare that I find one who says she has never had issues with eating/food. And if I'm being blunt, when someone says they've never had food issues I tend to remain a little sceptical. I know, ME?! Sceptical? Who'd have thunk?!


I think a lot of fault lies within modern society – meaning, advertising and the media industry. We've been moulded by society since the day we were born. Think about it: how many industries would have to throw in the towel if we all suddenly loved ourselves, loved our bodies, fed ourselves good fuel and moved more? Well to start, the entire diet industry would crumble to shit (ARE YOU LISTENING SKINNY PILL/SKINNY TEA/SKINNY POWDER COMPANIES?!). That's just the very tiniest tip of a huge iceberg; processed food companies would tank, pharmaceutical companies, even hospitals would make less money because most of us would be ultimately healthier!

By keeping us insecure about ourselves, companies will make the big bucks forever. Have you started and fallen off umpteen diet wagons? Felt awful and like a failure? ACTUALLY! WHO IN THIS DAY AND AGE HASN'T?! A lot of people are after a quick fix, searching for that one little pill/powder/tea that will finally end the pain of self-loathing, which will lead them to their happiness once and for all. This does not exist. We are ALL smarter than this, I know we are. So how are these industries still thriving?!

The "secret" to losing weight?

I lost a substantial amount of weight two years ago – three-and-a-half stone, to be exact. It took me 10 months of eating healthily and going to the gym, with the assistance of a personal trainer. No skinny tea, no pills, no supps, no magic tricks. When I posted that fateful #transformationtuesday, I was almost instantly overwhelmed with hundreds of messages from girls asking for me to share my "secret". I know these women realised, deep down, that I have no "secret". When I told them how I lost my weight, I could almost hear the sigh of dismay at the other end, shortly before the reply: "k thanks x".

So my question is this; why do we continue searching for that one final trick? That secret? The one we KNOW doesn't exist. Are we just lazy? I don't think so. It is my personal belief that the industries and companies mentioned above have us EXACTLY where they want us: insecure as fuck and desperate for change, no matter the cost. $$$$$$$$

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this. Do you agree/disagree? Have you actually found that magic pill, powder or tea that brought you easily and quickly to your happiness? If so, do share!

Next up? I'm trying to convince Laura's Views to do a YouTube video together – all suggestions welcome! And do check out her channels for more opinions, vegan food ideas and random as f*ck favourites.