Lent 2017: what I'm not giving up


I mentioned in my little nostalgic childhood post the other day that I used to love the idea of Lent – probably because I used to love writing pointless little lists, and scribbling down what I was giving up for Lent was an unparalleled joy! Anyway, I was chatting with a couple of friends about this earlier and wondering what I could possibly give up for Lent. A few suggestions came up, which all ended up being shot down (by me). I thought it might be worth explaining why I won't be giving up all of the things I love for Lent – and a little about the things I might take up, instead.

What won't I be giving up for Lent?

Diet Coke

I gave up for fizzy drinks for over a year there when I started working out at Lift Training Studios and, honestly? I felt awesome. The more fizzy drinks I consume, the gassier I am; the more sugar I crave; the more bloated I feel in general. But y'know what else? Sometimes I find myself craving a Diet Coke. I sometimes think I would murder someone for a Diet Coke – so no, I won't be giving 'em up.

Bombay Pantry

I don't eat Bombay Pantry with anything like the regularity I used to before I lost weight, but I still adore it. I always order the same thing, I never eat all the rice and I always, always enjoy it.

Emotional eating

The previous two could probably have fallen under this heading, but emotional eating / comfort eating / eating your feelings has always been a big favourite of mine. The other day, I was watching Body Positive Ireland's Rebecca discussing it on Snapchat, and so much of what she had to say resonated with me. That is: sometimes you feel emotional and you want to eat something that you for some reason think you shouldn't. And who cares? It's not a big deal – the only reason we consider comfort eating bad is because society has it drummed into us that we should strive to make ourselves as small as possible. And if it comes to a choice between gaining a few pounds and crying for 24 hours straight, I'll take the takeaway, thanks very much.


See above. Life is too short for non-stop deprivation, y'all.


If any of you have watched my YouTube videos, or follow me on Snapchat, you may know that I'm fond of a curse word or two. From a totally objective point of view, I know that cursing isn't all that great. But there's something about the odd "fuck" that I like (because, aside from the cursing, I know I sound quite posh) – and, in any case, it feels very Irish. The only time I try to tone down my cursing is when I'm in the US, because they're frequently so horrified by my potty mouth.

And what I will be taking up for Lent, instead


I just bought myself a 10-class pass for Sweaty Soul, Molly McKeever's (still relatively!) new studio in the IFSC. Even better, it's right about Foodie Café, so you get yoga AND yummy post-yoga food!


Comfort eating nights aside, I really need to get back in the swing of cooking fresh, good food at home. The last few weeks have been really busy, so I've ended up eating a lot of burrito bowls and Brother Hubbard pancakes. It's not that I always make unhealthy choices, but I inevitably end up eating more when I eat out than I would if I cooked for myself, and it's not doing anything great for my wallet.

Date night

Perhaps also because I've been so busy over the past few weeks, My Stephen and I have really let our date routine slide a little. So, starting this weekend, I'm going to make a little effort to get all dressed up and go out for dinner at least once a week.

Herbal tea

Or, rather, more herbal tea. I've gone from around six cups of coffee a day (I know) to maybe three, and I no longer drink coffee after 5pm. But I would like to cut that down a little further and get into the habit of opting for herbal tea over my ol' reliable Americanos. It's a work in progress.