Lip fillers – please stop! | Rosemary rants


I'll admit I've considered getting lip fillers myself – but every time I do, I ask some serious questions of myself. Why is this on my mind? What's wrong with my lips? Why am I so convinced that, when it comes to lips, bigger is better – and will I always think this way?

Here's a look at why, ultimately, I'd rather no one felt like they needed lip fillers – or breast augmentation, or Botox or even FaceTune. I understand the pressures women feel under – to feel beautiful and attractive and desired – and so I get why they might want to undergo these procedures. I just wish they didn't.

As I say in the video, this isn't a judgement on people who DO opt for cosmetic surgery – it's merely a call to think about the reasons you want them, and how we might better value ourselves as women and as intelligent human beings.

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