News (and a tribute): Lush lipstick, Dublin Tech Summit and more

I forget, sometimes, that blogging can be off-the-cuff – it can be short and snappy and doesn't need to be about a topic but can, instead, be an update on a whole host of things I've been up to, including trying out a new Lush lipstick and trekking down for a short visit to the Dublin Tech Summit. So, to whit:

A new lippie: Lush lipstick in Bold


I made a little online order from Lush last week; I'd run out of bath bombs (I got a whopper package from Lush as part of their Christmas 2015 press gift, and it lasted me almost the whole of 2016) and fancied spoiling myself a bit, so I ordered four, along with a Lush lipstick – Bold, to be precise.

It's described as a red but, on the lips, it's more of a pink – and though it claims the addition of jojoba oil makes this matte lipstick moisturising, I would argue that it's a fairly true matte. I needed a good slick of lip balm over it after around 45 minutes' wear. Still, I'll persevere – I like the shade and I am a Lush fan, after all.

Oh, and the label fell off so now it looks a bit like a plain black permanent marker. I'm not mad at it, but this may bother some people.

Thoughts of vegetarianism

It was reading this article in the Guardian that did it. I've talked to Laura (of Laura's Views fame) about this quite a bit – I am a meat eater but, from an ethics standpoint, there is no way to argue for eating meat. It's morally reprehensible that we breed animals to kill and eat them and, up until this point, I've just managed to get over that truth.

But of late, I'm finding it more and more difficult to justify my carnivorous side. That being said, I love meat – and, I won't lie, I am afraid that if I go vegetarian I'll end up eating copious amounts of bread and cheese and put on every pound I've ever lost. Shallow, but true.

A new gym membership

On which note – I joined Énergie Fitness on Clarendon St. I missed having a gym I could pop into to do the odd cardio class although, typically, the week I joined, I also got my copper coil refitted (more on which in a few days, I'm going to do an updated blog post I promise!) and was then banned from working out for a week. Which has actually been blissful – I know some weirdos are all, "I miss the gym so much!" but I love being slovenly. It's my default state.

Anyway I'm really excited about the fact that Énergie has a pool and am imagining myself swimming 50 lengths a day by May.

Dublin Tech Summit: I came, I saw, er...

Full disclaimer: I stayed until lunchtime on day 1, and I didn't pay for my ticket. I queued 55 minutes to get registered, there wasn't so much as a free cup of coffee (granted, I was there as a guest, but with full-price tickets going for €400, you'd think they might have some Bewley's-style, serve-yourself coffee flasks dotted around) and, to be honest, the talks I did hear weren't all that revelatory.

I think it's a brilliant idea and, with the Web Summit having jumped ship, we definitely have a space for such a conference – but if I'm going to a Tech Summit, I want to know what's coming next, not what's here now, and lines like "video is going to be massive" didn't exactly imbue me with confidence.

'I'm not a bitch – I just don't do fluff'

Quote of the century comes from the fabulous Caroline Hirons, talking about criticism that she incurred when she "dared" not to fawn over everything in the world ever. It reminded me of my own recent post, where I talked about how crap Irish awards ceremonies are (they are) and promptly got told that I "should be supporting women" (er, I don't have to support everything ever woman does in order to be a feminist); that I was a "mean, nasty girl" (hello, secondary school, I haven't seen you in a while); and then got booed at the event itself (the worst part was that my Mum then rang me and said, "are you okay? I saw you got booed at a party!" Scarlet for me).

There are a lot of catch-22s in blogging, but one of them is this: say only positive things and readers say they don't trust you because "everything can't be great!" Give anything a less than stellar review and you'll get the good old-fashioned "if you've nothing nice to say..." response. (And not to bring it all back to feminism, but why does everyone expect women to say "nice" things while men get to say important things, whether they're nice or not?) Speaking of which...

Fifty Shades Darker is really very bad


I still enjoyed myself, because I went with a friend who could probably make me laugh halfway through Schindler's List (not to make light but, y'know, we all have one of those friends) – but, despite the inclusion of a helicopter crash, an armed break-in, a gunshot, nipple clamps and kegel balls, it is the dullest film I have ever seen. And you don't even get a hint of Jamie Dornan's willy. (Although, I was thinking carefully about this – in a post-Michael Fassbender in Shame world, what male actor would be brave enough to bare all?)