My Out-Of-Control Online Shopping Wish-List #shopwell


Of late, I’ve been trying – more in a figurative than a literal sense, but we’ll get to that later – to exercise more thought and consideration when adding things to my wardrobe.

Over the past 18 months, I’ve succeeded in reducing said accumulation of fabric from seven wardrobes’ full to two, with the help of Siopaella, a consignment store in Dublin’s Temple Bar (more on which later). The lovely team at Siopaella will sell your “lightly loved” items on, giving you a 40% cut – which, for me, with a job lot to get rid of and neither the time nor inclination to eBay them myself, made so much sense.

My new, streamlined collection of fashion items – 16 pairs of shoes, five skirts, a handful of handbags (honestly) – has made one thing terribly, desperately clear: I have very few staple pieces. You know, the items you fall back on when you’re having a fat day or you haven’t done the ironing. I have no boyfriend jeans, no white shirt, no denim button-up, no black heels (no white heels either, thank God), no light summer coat, no summer dresses (bar a H&M halterneck number that requires breast scaffolding)…

Ergo, when I shop online, I try to shop for items that will be timeless, trendless and seasonless. I look for items I can wear for work and play, things I can dress up and down and prints I will be happy to wear, 20 years from now. Ultimately? I fail more often than I succeed (but I have got very good at doing my returns).

Here’s my current wish-list of accessories and dresses (I find it notoriously difficult to shop for tops and trousers, so I prefer to do those things in the flesh, so to speak). Let me know what you think are must-buys (and what I should avoid).

Online shopping wishlist - accessoriesOnline shopping wishlist - dresses