Nadia Aboulhosn for Plus A/W 2014


300414_PLUS_SIZE_LB_KB87_RT There's a lot to be said for finding decent plus-size clothing - if, that is, you happen to be plus-size. Think about it: "regular" clothing is designed on a size 8 (or, sometimes, size 6) model, and then sized up for larger bodies. So of course the proportions are going to be off - it's no coincidence that a Topshop dress will, more often than not, look 10 times better on a size 6 model than on a size 14, um, non-model.

But dedicated plus-size shops (not naming any names) can have a bit of a bad rep for being unfashionable, ignoring trends and producing clothing that is downright frumpy. So when hopped on the plus-size wagon a couple of seasons past, it was deadly news for plus-size gals who are looking for super-trendy clothes at super-affordable prices. Shout out to Asos, too, whose Curve range is fairly gorgeous but, unfortunately for us 14-16s ("tweenies", I believe we're called), it starts at a size 18.

The best news of all vis-a-vis Boohoo's foray into curvy clothes is that one of my ultimate blogging crushes, Nadia Aboulhosn, has been recruited as the face - and body - of the online brand's A/W 2014 campaign. And they've done a fairly deadly job of photographing Aboulhosn - who is surely all the  more attractive as a plus-size ambassador because I've yet to see a photograph of her where she seems to be covering up her perceived "problem areas".

It's also exceptionally nice to see photographs of a plus-size range that actually use a plus-size model; all too frequently these ranges are modelled on girls who are a size 12 which, really, isn't going to help someone who's a size 18 and struggling to imagine herself in a pair of skinny jeans.



There's a lot of "homage" going on here - this "designer T-shirt", for example, is surely Jeremy Scott for Moschino-lite, but when Jeremy Scott for Moschino ranges to a small 14, needs must, right? (Interesting piece this morning on Business of Fashion, as a related aside, about why maybe the problem with plus size is the plus-size women themselves. One for the weekend reading list.)



This is my favourite look (above), hands down. I'll be hovering my fingers over my keyboard until these babies go on sale - I'll have you know it's rather difficult, in this time of the crop top, to find a jumper that even skims, never mind covers, the belly button. Love this.


Also, the parka is the coat of the season, just in case you didn't get the memo, and even though I know everyone in my life would be horrified by this snakeskin two-piece, I feel very strongly attracted to it...