New makeup bits! £250 poorer and here's what I got


After a frugal couple of months there, I finally found that my ship had come in and decided to indulge in some new makeup from Net-a-Porter. I'd had my eye on a few new makeup bits for a while – bolstered by the amount of Snapchat I watch which, I won't lie, influences me horribly and has resulted in more than a few hasty purchases! I have Rosie Connolly, Suzanne Jackson and Tara O'Farrell to thank for my new lip liner, for example! And I'm sure there are hundreds more people I could add to that list of #influencers who have made me a whole lot poorer.

You can watch the video – where I chat through every single item I bought (and why) below or, even further below, you can just check out the list of what I bought.

New makeup bits I bought

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Main pic credit: School of Style