Ahead of & Other Stories' Dublin December 9th shop opening, here are 9 things you need to buy


After what feels like years waiting – honestly, didn't we first hear about the opening of & Other Stories Dublin (where A|Wear used to be on Grafton St; Victoria's Secret is apparently going into the building formerly known as BT2) about a decade ago? – we finally have a date: H&M's eldest, coolest sibling will open its doors on December 9th. (I don't usually do posts dedicated to just one brand, because, y'know, that's what sponsored posts are for, but I thought I'd make an exception due to excitement.)

Er, what's & Other Stories?

If you've never had the pleasure, & Other Stories is the newest in H&M's line of shops – joining its parent company and the middle sibling, Cos, to make up the trio. Style-wise, H&M is definitely the youngest, but Cos and & Other Stories (pronounced "und Other Stories" by the Scandis working at H&M) are defined by more than just age ranges; where Cos is all boxy shapes and minimalism, often taking its design cues from art and architecture, & Other Stories is more feminine in silhouette, with a lot of nods to current catwalk trends, and (like H&M and Cos) they do great basics – this scoop-neck tee is pretty perfect IMO.

Let's talk about sizing

Size-wise, I find & Other Stories pretty faithful – unlike H&M's recent forays into insanity – and wear a size 40 / UK 12 there, as I do in River Island and Topshop, although I'm a 14 in Penneys and often a 16 in H&M! And in terms of price, & Other Stories is pretty close to Cos, with anything sequinned, embellished or embroidered increasing in price – along French Connection or (lately) Topshop lines.

& Other Stories – the experience

Regardless of whether you like the clothes, the shops themselves are always worth a visit – they're laid out to be more like experiences than retail spaces, with shoes and bags displayed, art gallery-style, on shelves and along walls, and large sections devoted to lingerie and beauty (packaging is gorgeous, and they do really cute – and good – make-up).

That being said, I do like the clothes – a lot – and I've yet to take a trip to an & Other Stories shop without making a purchase, which makes the Grafton St shop opening a dangerous proposition, to say the least. Here are just a few of the pieces I have my beady little eyes on.

Pic credit (top): AfterDrk.com

& Other Stories Dublin shop opening

The term "rip-off" may be a little strong, but this shirt pays serious homage to Gucci A/W '16 – and at €95, it's a darn sight cheaper. I'd have to try it on, mind you, to see exactly where on my breasts those emoji eyebrows would sit.

& Other Stories Dublin shop opening

This is the kind of jumper (€55) I would wear to death, and it's pretty good value for a wool blend.

& Other Stories Dublin shop opening

Ever since cutting my hair, I've found it hard to find dresses I like and that suit me (V-necks, especially, are difficult because I feel like there's just too much flesh on show!), but this little black number (€85), with its high neck and polka dots, is gorgeous.

& Other Stories Dublin shop opening

I bought a very similar pair of shoes – in white – in H&M a few weeks back, and I love them, so these gold heels (€85, and not too high, which is important!) really appeal to me too.

& Other Stories Dublin shop opening

These mules (also €85) were my favourite piece at the & Other Stories press day in Dublin recently, so I will definitely be seeking them out when the shop opens. The colour! The fabric! Love at first sight.

& Other Stories Dublin shop opening

Like I said, I need more dresses in my life, and I love everything about this – the print, the shape, the length and the neckline and the price (€55).

& Other Stories Dublin shop opening

This crepe blouse (€65) feels very 1980s to me (in a good way), and would also be way more versatile than its sequins suggest – pair it with a blazer, for example, and it's just a plain white top. Smart.

& Other Stories Dublin shop opening

I love this little hooded jacket (€175) because it reminds me so much of the costumes from Stranger Things (the best show on Netflix this year, and if you haven't watched it yet, I'm so jealous!).

& Other Stories Dublin shop opening

Lastly, these (€125) are the perfect A/W boots. I actually have a list (okay, I have a list for everything) of "things I need to buy" and "ankle boots I can walk in" is #1. & Other Stories, generally speaking, does a great line in leather shoes – so, if you only had 10 minutes to scope it out, I'd head straight for the shoe department.

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