How much did YOU spend last week? | Pat, 42, marketing executive


There's no spending diary from me this week - after every four weeks I'm going to take a little break and publish a spending diary from one of you lovely people! So, if you would like your spending documented, either anonymously or otherwise, on, please drop me a mail on! This week's spending diary was submitted by a concerned reader who felt perturbed by my lackadaisical approach to my finances and wanted to show me how it's really done. He asked to remain anonymous.

So what did I spend my money on this week?

I cycle to work, so most of the time there's no commute cost. Also, I pay a mortgage (which isn't that bad) and creche fees (which are!). There are free cereals, porridge, fruit, bagels and coffee at work, so I have Flahavan's porridge at work for brekkie every day, and loads of fruit and coffee all day.


Lunch is a burger in the Harbourmaster with my brother (€12 - includes €2 tip). Later, I grab a burrito bowl and Coke Zero in Saburritos (€8, roughly) before heading to a free movie preview screening, Marrowbone. It was grand.

Daily total: €20


I have some tuna tins at work, and have one of those with a free bagel from the 'free stuff' cabinet for lunch. For dinner, it's meatballs and spuds (all ready for the oven, dead handy) in FX Buckley on Talbot St for €8. That's dinner for me and the wife.

Daily total: €8


Lunch is an Iceland sandwich for €2.50 (including free water) plus tuna tins at €3.50. (€6) Dinner at home was stuff we had already - sweet potatoes, beans and sausages (yummy!).

Daily total: €6


It's €4.90 for the train - the machine at the station was broken, so I couldn't tag on, then the machine in Connolly rounded up. What a rip. Normally, I'd be giving money for the office lottery syndicate, but since we won €20 last week we were covered for this week. Bagel/tuna thing for lunch (both aforementioned/paid for). Latte plus tip in Laine, My Love on Talbot St (€4). There was barbecue at work, so after beer and burgers we went out. A few pints, plus taxi home, was €40.

Daily total: €48.90


Train commute (slightly hungover, so no cycling today) is €6. For lunch, I get a ham roll and bottle of Coke (€5.65). Bread and two bunches of bananas in Tesco (daughter loves bananas!) are €6. My wife sorted dinner - pasta in tomato sauce and garlic bread, and then we stayed in and watched Wind River on Netfflix. It was excellent.

Daily total: €18 (rounded up)


We get ice creams in the Phoenix Park (€7) and then do the Tesco shop - misc household stuff, pizza for my night in (€6), cake and wine for my sister's lunch on Sunday (€6 and €8.50 respectively - wine was posh, but half price), a few bottles of wine, craft beer and chocolate (€10 of posh chocolate) - €80 total (€40 for household stuff, €40 for booze and sweet stuff). It was my turn to pay for shopping. I stayed in while the wife went out and I watched The Shallows on Netflix. It was grand.

Daily total: €87


Town and then my sister's. Parking was €7.50 in town.

Daily total: €7.50

Weekly total: €195.40 (not counting bills, mortgage and creche)

Next week, if there's shopping to be done, my wife will likely pay for it. Every fortnight I put €20 of petrol in the car. I buy clothes/books/cinema tickets the odd time. That said, it was a pretty ordinary/standard week spend-wise.