Repeal the 8th: a manifesto in video form


I've written about my desire to repeal the 8th before – in this blog post, which was accused of being condescending (but was intended to just be really straightforward and easy to digest). But I had never really put my thoughts into words, bar the odd Instagram Story and so, the other day, when I was trying to think of YouTube ideas (all suggestions always welcome), I decided that I'd sit down and record my feelings. As an aside, "I'm a feminist but..." I am so delighted at my Huawei P20 Pro's determination to beauty filter my face. I was wearing no makeup in this video bar eyebrows and mascara and I wish I could live my entire life through its lens.

Anyway, back to why I think we should all repeal the 8th. The video goes into a lot of my feelings but, TL;DR (too long; didn't read) – the 8th amendment does not prevent abortion. If it truly did, we could have long, involved conversations about whether we want to allow Irish women to have abortions, full stop (I'd still vote for choice). But the reason we need to repeal the 8th is because it simply makes abortions less safe, less soon, less supported and exports our "problem" to the UK, as well as discriminating against women who, for whatever reason, can't make the trip.

The reaction has been really interesting to me. It makes sense that a lot of my following also want to repeal the 8th, so I've received a lot of support (which is lovely). But on Facebook especially, a massive cohort of no voters have descended upon the comments to talk about innocence and murder and an array of topics that are massively missing the point and avoiding answering any of the real questions, such as: what is the alternative? If we don't repeal the 8th, what do we do?

I'd love to know what you think – genuinely. I'm not here to shout down people who are anti-choice, but I would appeal to you to read into what the 8th amendment means, not only for women who don't want to be pregnant, but for those who do. The In Her Shoes Facebook page has been really illuminating, and The Journal and The Irish Times are providing a lot of interesting and unbiased reporting into what the Referendum on May 25th really entails.

Main pic: Sofia Sforza via StockSnap