River Island A/W 2014 by Emma Summerton - 1970s bohemian glam


river-island-fall-winter-2014-ad-campaign08 There was a time, not so long ago, when high-street fave River Island didn't go in for print ads. Then again, there was a time, not so long ago, when River Island seemed to sell nothing but sparkly skintight jeans, so we should be grateful for the change.

What we should also be grateful for are these super-slick images by Emma Summerton for RI's A/W campaign (that's F/W to you Americans) featuring Stella Maxwell and Marina Nery.


The fashion cues to take from these ads are, really, that glamour is back for A/W 2014 (the choices seemed to be between glamour and FUN, as celebrated in this month's Elle magazine, which is really rather wonderful and stars the much-loved Kate Upton who seems like she'd be a bit of a laugh actually and has a deadly interview with Jeremy Scott about his Moschino debut).


But this season, glamour comes in the form of a distinctly bohemian, 1970s vibe - furs (in River Island's case, those would be faux*), deep burgundy shades, bright whites (for A/W - it's a revolution!) and then a nod to the 1980s with this high-waisted mini (this photograph, below, is my everything - he looks like her creepy brother examining her for nits).


This being the high street, not everything will drop at once, and us being Irish, we're likely to miss out on some of the best bits - but do keep an eye on the website, where I get all of my standout pieces, for unexpected drops you won't see in terrestrial stores.


On my list? That draped white top (so forgiving!), enormous faux fur stole and that incredible black handbag (up top), although I am very suspicious about its apparent lack of branding - I suspect the other side has a massive River Island-stamped piece of hardware that'll turn me right off.

river-island-fall-winter-2014-ad-campaign02 river-island-fall-winter-2014-ad-campaign01