Rosemary recommends: Products that deserve the hype


Above: Right after my first visit to Neelu

There's been a lot of talk on here of late about products I didn't love; or that just didn't work for me, but I decided that, while I love a bit of negativity, I also want you to be able to find recommendations you can trust here, hence the new fixture – Rosemary recommends.

This is a weekly blog spot where I'll tell you something that I 100% recommend – from fashion to beauty and beyond. It may sometimes be one product, service or place I'm loving; it could be TV or film-related; it might stretch to travel and tourism and won't always be a fun way for you to spend your money (I promise). I also promise that it will always be something (or things) that I have tried and found to be brilliant.

Don't worry, though; Rosemary recommends is going to sit in tandem with my new YouTube fixture, "Rosemary rants", along with (I'm sure) several cranky blog posts about things that drive me mad. So don't go expecting too much love and light!

Rosemary recommends... CND Solar Oil


I spoke about this on Snapchat last week – and to be perfectly honest, I would've been chief cynic about cuticle oils. I mean, I'd always been told to use them (usually by people selling them), and the odd time I'd indulged and taken one home, only to apply it for two days running and then give up.

But, desperate times... When I was in Greece on my yoga retreat, I got acrylic nails and then, when I got home, filed them off myself (not recommended), leaving my nails in the worst shape of their lives. I decided a few weeks ago to give my CND Solar Oil* a go again. (I have a small sample size, which I think I may have got in a Glossybox.) I'd massage it in every night and see if it made a difference to my nails, which were flaking and peeling; hang nails a-plenty and seriously dry, cracked fingertips.

No one was more surprised than I when, lo and behold, the condition of my nails improved – drastically, within about five days! Now, I won't be becoming a hand model any time soon, but the hang nails are almost all gone and my nails are almost looking normal again! It's a miracle – and I'm a total cuticle oil convert.

Rosemary recommends... Insight hair products

A photo posted by Rosemary Mac Cabe (@rosemarymaccabe) on Dec 11, 2016 at 11:40am PST

I had these hair products in my bathroom cupboard for about six months before I got around to using them; I'm a bit anal retentive about beauty products and, with the exception of foundations and lipsticks, I don't like to have more than one of a product on the go at the same time. So, y'know, toothpaste must be finished before the next is opened; I'll only use one mascara at a time... and so on.

Anyway, when I did finally get around to using my Insight products, I loved them. My hair is naturally curly and prone to frizz, and these (I have the Anti-Frizz range) keep it really smooth and shiny. Plus, they're quite light – even the conditioner – so I don't feel like there's any massive build-up on the hair. I also use the hair oil the minute I get out of the shower and it leaves my hair super soft without any oily residue. Win-win.

Rosemary recommends... TRNDBeauty's Celfie ring light

I mentioned this before in my blog post on the perfect Christmas gifts for bloggers – and then the lovely ladies at TRNDBeauty sent me out my very own. I can honestly say (now) that I was not all that enthused about this. It just seemed ridiculous – a ring light? For your phone? For selfies?

But this ring light is the best piece of blogger kit I have ever received. I took the above photograph with it, for example, and for night-time selfies it is better than any other light I've ever tried (bar my enormous YouTube box lights, and who honestly wants to set those up every time you like your makeup?!).

If you take a lot of selfies – or photographs in dim light, in general – I would 100% recommend investing. If this was a sample I'd been given to try out, I would most definitely be buying my own.

Rosemary recommends... Neelu

A photo posted by Rosemary Mac Cabe (@rosemarymaccabe) on Nov 7, 2016 at 4:38am PST

As it turns out, I'm a sceptic about a lot of things – and expensive facials probably fall under that remit. I've had a few in my time, and sure, they've been relaxing – but I've never noticed a huge difference in my skin in the following days, and I would always have opted for a massage over a facial, viewing it as more bang for my buck.

That is, until I popped into Neelu's chair in Arnotts. Okay, so full disclosure: I was invited in to try out Neelu's services FOC. In exchange, I said I would post about it on social media – but this blog post is because I want to, Billie Piper style. I went in twice, and tried a variety of treatments, none of which I really understand. I had an exfoliating facial and also got a go of the Perfector, a non-invasive facelift.

Afterwards, my skin was positively glowing – and since using Neelu's recommended products (Le Mieux), I can honestly say that my skin is looking the best it ever has. Now, like I said, these facials ain't cheap; in all, I think I got €850 worth of treatments. But I am, hands down, saving up to go back. I may not make it until June, but it's on the list.

Rosemary recommends... Sundried ethical activewear


I try really hard to make ethical buying choices, at least when it comes to clothes – and though I do occasionally succumb to the lure of fast fashion, I think it's worth investing a little extra money and thought into your clothes. So when I heard about Sundried, it ticked a few of those boxes.

The fabrics are organically grown, they're committed to the Low Carbon Innovation Fund, and all of the products are manufactured in Portugal – within the EU, where they're subject to EU guidelines on staffing, hours and pay.

But, aside from all of that, the leggings survive the squat test – not a knicker line in sight. Because, c'mon, I want to buy ethical clothing, but I also want it to do what it's supposed to, without my pants being on show.


Let me know what you thought of Rosemary recommends and, in case you're thirsty for more, you should know that I also have a big grá for my Dyson hair dryer, Monart Resort Spa and Stem Watches. Click through for full blog posts on each of those.

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