2017 fashion trends – Brown Thomas' S/S edit


When it comes to 2017 fashion trends, you can always rely on the Brown Thomas shows to give you a fair inkling of what's coming down the line – for good or for uuuuugly. What can I say? Designers are great for throwing some utterly crazy designs on to catwalks and expecting us all to fall at their feet. (Evidence.) That being said, the S/S 2017 fashion trends are looking bright and fairly wearable, which is unusual in and of itself – OTT showstoppers were few and far between and there were no shockers (unlike, say, the year Chloé tried to make dumpster-diving chic happen).

Instead, S/S 2017 is looking like an altogether softer, less alienating and entirely more covetable season, with very few risqué trends making the cut. This is good news for those of us who like to take our cues from the catwalks, but bad news for true fashion fans – because of the distinctly conservative feel of the 2017 fashion trends thus far.

2017 fashion trends: florals

SS 2017 fashion trends Brown Thomas

I know what you're thinking: florals, for spring? Groundbreaking. And there was a touch of ennui about the floral motifs seen floating down the catwalk (in the newly revamped level two designer rooms, which are pretty lush) – haven't we seen this before?

But 2017's florals are a little less Cath Kidston twee, and a little more boho; expect to see a lot of soft layers and sheer fabrics with floral prints filtering down on to the high street. My money's on Topshop* and French Connection* – as well as Zara, obviously – picking up on these vibes and coming up with the goods. As for those incredible lace-up boots? River Island* would be the obvious choice to come up with its own version – after all, they bear more than a little resemblance to the 5 Inch and Up x River Island collection of a few years ago.

2017 fashion trends: tailoring, meet tulle

SS 2017 fashion trends Brown Thomas

Finally, this S/S sees a serious relaxation when it comes to fashion. Sure, there were hints of tailoring – in a beautiful leather dress by Dior*, for example, but even then, there was a hint of polka dot tulle poking out from underneath. A gorgeous, very bridal gown by Maticevski* was ever so slightly undone – so the end result was the bride waking up from a nap, rather than picture-perfect en route to the church.

Hair and make-up carried through the same sentiment – hair was loose, undone, almost reminiscent of Hanson (seriously); make-up was barely there, with eyes left naked and blush almost haphazardly applied, high up on the cheeks.

As for where we can hope to see this done-but-undone vibe in more affordable shops, River Island Studio's already showing hints of it, while Reiss* and French Connection* have always been dab hands at tailoring. You can bet that & Other Stories will also do a great job of mussing up the perfect finish.

2017 fashion trends: high-end grunge

SS 2017 fashion trends Brown Thomas

This isn't anything new, per se, but maybe more like the obvious conclusion of the few seasons we've seen designers playing around with texture and appliqués. It's the next step from embroidered denims; embellished denims, frayed and ripped and setting you back a couple of grand*.

In a way, it's another way of clashing styles – high meets low, or subtle luxury meets outré ostentation. Me, I love it – but I get that it won't be for everyone. Asos* is a sure bet for going down the Dolce route with its denims, while Topshop's already going the way of embellished denims* – even if its markers are closer to Ashish than Dolce & Gabbana.

2017 fashion trends: the unexpected

SS 2017 fashion trends Brown Thomas

The one note of difference among all of this – granted, beautiful and covetable and wearable, which is paramount – designer fashion came from Vetements*, a brand being credited with disrupting the industry in rather unexpected ways.

There are strong streetwear vibes from this French label, which takes a lot of its cues from Comme des Garçons*, but ultimately Vetements' strongest theme seems to be poking fun at fashion itself, upending the fashion calendar and designing – and producing – on its own terms.

What does this mean on the ground, for the person who spends €50 on a dress rather than €2,000? Expect new ways of layering and a lot of nods to streetwear, tongue firmly in cheek; Vetements' bestselling item so far has been a DHL T-shirt that'll set you back more than €200. H&M is the frontrunner – expect some Vetements-"inspired" fast fashion in a H&M near you soon.

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