Summer coats to buy now (and wear all year)


There's something very specific about living in Ireland – you can never find the fashion item that you want when you want it, summer coats being a case in point. Fashion assumes that, come March, we're all decked out in jaunty Breton stripes and short shorts. It makes no odds to the fashion Gods that we, in Ireland, have heady, 22-degree "heatwaves" to look forward to and, therefore, will need our summer coats, all year round. I found this out the hard way, by selling my leather jacket – a cropped leather jacket being the most perfect of summer coats, in that it's neither too heavy nor too light and can pretty much be worn with anything. I suddenly found myself with only winter coats and nothing to wear in the weather we're currently experiencing: what an Irish person would call balmy, with the constant threat of rain.

You'd think Irish shops would have copped on to this phenomenon and would provide weather-appropriate summer coats in their spring/summer offering, but it's pretty difficult to find an ideal cover-up for this climate. (Just another reason to resent not being born in Australia.)

Anyway, much as I'd love to blather on about the injustice of living in Ireland, how shit it is when skies are grey (earworm) for weeks on end and how tough it is to find summer coats these days, I thought, instead, I'd show you a few I did find.

H&M, €119.99

I can't find this coat online but I purchased it just yesterday in H&M on Dame St. It's unlined (which, honestly, made me feel a bit grumpy about the price) which makes it really light, but it's 50% wool, which simultaneously makes it super soft to the touch. Plus, I love the colour. (BT dubs! If you're not already, give my Facebook page a like. And my Instagram. Just cos.)

River Island Studio, €175

summer coats River Island Frassy

Pic credit: Frassy

I clearly have expensive taste in summer coats, but I really really want to buy this coat. The one thing stopping me? Trenches just don't suit me. I'm too "curvy" – and by curvy I mean that I have tits and a tummy and a bum (although not as big a bum as I'd look to go with said tits and tummy) and, when I wear belted coats, I look really lumpy or something. So I keep repeating to myself: this one is not for you. It looks amazing on Audrey, though.

& Other Stories, €99

summer coats and other stories

There are loads of summer coats on & Other Stories and, obviously, in the Grafton St store although honestly, I prefer shopping online these days – it's too difficult to see everything in terrestrial shops! That being said, I guess this camo number falls more into the "summer jackets" category. Consider it poetic licence. Either way, I love it: it's simple, it's casual without being scruffy and it looks more expensive than it is.

Free People, €151.20

summer coats Free People

A cropped (in this case faux) leather jacket, as I said before, is the ultimate winner of the summer coats category. You'll never be cold in a faux leather jacket – and, if you're too warm, it's easy to carry around. It works with everything. You get to occasionally feel like Kate Moss, and it wears beautifully. Your life is not complete without one. Disclaimer: The Free People site is US-based, so you may get stung for taxes. If you do, I'm sorry. (But it's worth it.)

PrettyLittleThing, €28

summer coats pretty Little Thing

This pink duster coat is ridiculously cheap and remarkably cute, in my honest opinion. I'm not sure if I think dusters really get to go in the "summer coats" category – I would almost push them towards the cardigan end of the scale – but PLT had it in the coats section and who am I to argue with the online shopping experts? Also, there's 20% off at PLT with the code SHOP20 until midnight tonight (March 29th). SHOP HERE.

Samsoe + Samsoe, €313.66

summer coats Samsoe + Samsoe

I tried finding this on the Samsoe + Samsoe site, which appears to be Danish and doesn't ship to Ireland – where you can get the same coat for around €306, but will then have to Parcel Motel it to get it to Ireland. So it seems more sensible to shop it on Asos. This, to my mind, is the most perfect of summer coats. In fact, I pretty much have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to the type of woman who owns this coat (optimistically titled "personal style goals" – I wish).

Topshop, €60

summer coats Topshop

I firmly believe that anyone who owns – and regular wears – a white coat is some sort of wizard. Either that or they have a slave at home who scrubs out every iota of dirt that shows up on it. Ultimately, I think adding this white jacket to your summer coats arsenal would show great confidence in your ability not to spill your dinner and that, if nothing else, is admirable.

Asos, €60

summer coats Asos

Big props to Asos for having "850 styles" when you search "coats & jackets" – although smaller props to them for the fact that half of them are rubbish and at least 25% of them are batshit crazy. I know that this green denim number will fall into the latter category for some of you, but I can't help it. It's so minty! How fresh and summer-appropriate. Plus, it neatly circumnavigates the "denim on denim" issue that so many of us have, time and time again.

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