Sunday Riley Artemis facial oil | Rosemary recommends


I wrote this post in 2017, in the throes of a passionate love affair with a Sunday Riley product that has now, as I write this (in 2019) been discontinued. Consider this blog post an ode to a lost love.

Today's Rosemary recommends is something a little bit different, both for the series and for me – the Sunday Riley Artemis Hydroactive Cellular Facial Oil*. My last Rosemary recommends post was about books, which couldn't be more different; and though the one before that was products that are worth the hype, and very beauty-focused, most of those products and services had been sent to me for consideration. This – Sunday Riley's €71 facial oil – is something that I bought myself from Net-a-Porter, with my very own money!

Why Sunday Riley?

My sister had tried the Sunday Riley Juno Hydroactive Cellular Facial Oil*, and swore by it. I don't know what it is about sisters (or it might be an older sister thing; I'm the baby), but when mine tells me to do something, or to stop doing it... I just obey! She'll tell me she doesn't like a new coat or dress I bought, and I'll never wear it again; she was the one who suggested dyeing my hair brown, and I'd done it – quite literally – within about three weeks. Older sisters wield a terrible power!

I looked up a few reviews – usually done by bloggers who'd been sent it, or rich people who genuinely take their purchasing tips from Vogue – and they were universal in their adoration of Sunday Riley products, so I decided to take the leap.


What's so good about it?

This is obviously a seriously spendy beauty buy and not something I would be recommending if I didn't absolutely love it – but it is worth getting a caveat or two out of the way first.

My main gripe? Do not believe the description when it says that it smells like lemon myrtle. It smells like straw – damp straw that has been slept on by ponies. This oil does not smell good, and though at first that was a real turn-off, at now I kind of like it: surely it means that it's made of uber natural ingredients, and not clogging up your pores with a whole load of unnecessary perfumes?


And honestly, like any skincare pick, this won't work for everyone – but for me, it moisturises, brightens and honestly does seem to clarify my skin. I'm a bit of a skincare sceptic, honestly, and there are very few products that I would hold my hands up and say, "yeah, this definitely makes a difference". But this is one such product: if you had only €71 in your bank account and you were going to spend it on beauty, I would 100% recommend spending it on this, rather than getting four cheaper products – it's worth the money.

(If you don't have €71 to spend on beauty products, I mean, hello, you're probably in good company with around 80% of the population, and therefore this won't be worth the money – I accept that it's ridiculously dear and I'm not trying to act like it's not!)

I use my Sunday Riley oil at night, rather than during the daytime. The oil is quite thick and sticky, so if using during the day you'd have to apply well before applying make-up, to allow it to sink in and be absorbed. I like putting on a good layer at night and then massaging the excess into my cuticles – every little helps!

Next on my list is the Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment*, which is sold out every time I can afford it (about twice a year; it's €98). When and if I do manage to fork out for it, I'll update you as to how I'm getting on!

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