Things I'm loving - Pelleve, Tay Tay and PARKLIFE


Imagine this as a typographical YouTube favourites video of sort, wherein I will share with you the things that are making me happy (so far) this month. Not, to be clear, because I expect you to care all that much about my happiness and the sources of same, but because I would like to share with you the awesomeness of recent discoveries. Shall we get on with it?

The Killing

Every time I talk about The Killing, there's an embarrassing preface where I have to admit that I watch the American version. (It's a similar feeling to telling people you own a Nespresso machine, or have never read Ulysses.) Snobbery aside, this is one of the best TV shows I've ever watched. I'm halfway through season 3, and each episode leaves you the same: nails bitten, edge of your seat, full of new theories about who is responsible for the latest horrific act, and who will be next. I'm devastated there are only four seasons!

Recommendations for replacement TV shows would be most welcome; I'm also currently working my way through The Sopranos (which I'm loving, although not with the same intensity as The Killing, perhaps because the latter is a solo activity, giving me the freedom to decide my own rip-roaring pace).

Overnight oats

I've waxed lyrical about these on Twitter a little too much, so I'll hold off on going too crazy - but these have changed my life. Breakfast is now a seriously efficient - not to mention healthy (#eatclean!) - routine, and there is something really fun about varying your method and toppings from day to day. It's like porridge, but better!

The Russell Brand / Parklife phenomenon

I have strongly disliked Russell Brand ever since I saw the way he treated poor Katy Perry in her documentary, Part of Me (which, for the record, has an impressive 78% on the usually tough Rotten Tomatoes), so the idea of shouting PARKLIFE! after every one of his preposterously overly enunciated sentences makes me so, so happy.

Taylor Swift's 1989

Like my Nespresso / Killing shame, the fact that Taylor Swift's new album was responsible for 22% of all album sales in the US in its opening week is a little embarrassing to me. But then I remember! I don't live in America, so my purchase didn't contribute to that slightly mortifying fact (Americans: that's on you). Despite the opening track, which sounds a little like a song you'd hear on a loop in an I Heart NY tourist shop, the album is pure, unadulterated pop, and so much fun. I could dance to Shake It Off all day and night long! (And I could watch the video on repeat for at least a month.) In fact, let's have a go:

Oh, and before I forget, here's another deadly reason to love Taylor Swift.


Let's get this out of the way: as part of a "punish the panel" segment on Midday, the folks at River Medical have had me in to try out a few different treatments, all with the aim of making me my best me by the end of our six-week term (er, on Friday). Hands down my favourite of those I've tried has been Pellevé, a treatment that works by heating up the inner layers of the skin, promoting the production of collagen and resulting in firmer, tighter skin; fewer lines; and a slightly "lifted" effect. Right after having it done, you get a kind of "false positive" that lasts for 24 hours where you look about 10 years younger; afterwards, everything just feels that little bit tighter (but I'll report back on final results when I've finished my third session).

Anything you've tried, taken up or experimented with this month? Let me know in the comments! (And seriously - new TV shows?)