Things to do this weekend (nothing outdoorsy, I promise)


Design and Violence at the Science Gallery

I am not an outdoorsy or especially active person, despite my relatively newfound gym habit, so when trying to think of things to do this weekend, activities were very far down the list. All the same, I managed to come up with a few suggestions that (I think) are pretty deadly, so I thought: why not share?

Check out Design and Violence at the Science Gallery

This is going to make me sound like a total eejit, but I am not a big gallery person, either – I know, I know, if I hate the outdoors and hate galleries, do I just watch TV all day?! (Pretty much, yes.) Stephen forced me to go to the Science Gallery's Design and Violence exhibition a few weekends ago (check out our touristy weekend in Dublin vlog, above) and it was incredible. The exhibition closes this Sunday, so you have a few days left to fit it in – it comes highly recommended.

Go shopping at The Ha'penny Market

things to do this weekend ha'penny flea market

If you feel like there's a theme emerging, you'd be right – my ideal things to do this weekend (and any weekend) all involve being warm and cosy indoors, and spending money. Markets are fun, though, and the Ha'Penny Market is on the northside – where I live – so I don't even need to go far. Plus, I can pop into Joe's before or afterwards and stock up on my favourite kale crack salad... So it's a win-win!

Come to the Fitness Factory in Breaffy House, Co Mayo

I'm just one of the speakers at That's So Shelly Fitness' inaugural Fitness Factory event in Breaffy House in Castlebar, Co Mayo – along with Michelle Malone (That's So Shelly), Tom & Jenny from My Nutrition Ireland, former Mayo manager James Horan and Bonco Wellness' Barry O'Neill. Tickets are €57.98 including booking fee and include light lunch, a fun (I promise!) fitness class, deadly goody bags and spot prizes. Plus, you get to meet me! (Fine, that's not the main draw, but whatever.)

Go shopping – the sales are over!

things to do this weekend

Not to be a total simpleton, but finally the sales racks have shrunk, or disappeared entirely – I hate the sales. At the same time, I love shopping, so the fact that the sales have moved back to their rightful place (at the back of the shop) pleases me greatly. River Island* is looking particularly delightful now, but I'd also recommend a look at Topshop* and Brown Thomas. No better way to spend a Saturday.

See M. Night Shyamalan's Split (out Friday)

I did some commercial activity with Universal Ireland around the release of Split this week, but rest assured: this blog post was not included in our activity. So this is 100% my opinion, and my choice to include this: go to see Split. It's fun, it's freaky, it's funny and James McAvoy is incredible in it. If you liked any of M Night Shyamalan's previous films – The Sixth Sense, Signs, Unbreakable – then this is a must-see.

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