My top 10 Snapchat accounts – and why


A lot of you will have come here from Snapchat; it's by far my most popular social media channel, with thousands of you watching me, er, do boring shit in my house every day. Bizarre, right? Anyway, I've always been an oversharer, and I love the intimacy of Snapchat – it makes it feel like we're all really good friends, hanging out on a mundane Monday, doing nothing together. Quite aside from the fact that I love the way Snapchat lets me connect and engage with people (I hate saying "my followers" or "my fans" because, y'know, who do I think I am?), I love having a good ol' nosy at what other people are doing. And, I won't lie, there's a bit of hate-watching – you know, that person you love to hate and check before all others so you can do some good old-fashioned eye-rolling...

But in the spirit of zen positivity, I'm going to give you the low-down on the 10 Snapchatters I really enjoy following – and why!

Siobhán O'Hagan @siobhsies

Siobhán is a personal trainer at Evolution Fitness, and a serious social media force to be reckoned with – but it's neither her bod nor her SM prowess that keeps me coming back for more. I just love that her content is so varied, from insights into her training (herself; she doesn't put up a whole load of client snaps, which I actually love), her diet and then her holidays, food shopping, hair appointments... It's always different, which keeps things from getting boring.

Tara O'Farrell @tara_makeup

Make-up artist (and model!) Tara is one of the loveliest people I've met in "media circles" – as a way of saying, we've met through work! On Snapchat, she's a combination of make-up – okay, so there's a lot of make-up and, as someone who's not all that make-up obsessed, I will admit to occasionally tapping through the beauty snaps... (sorry, Tara!) – her doggies, jobs she's working on and little snippets of her life with fiancée Daniel (a singer also known as Anderson). There's loads of variety but, more than that, Tara comes across as being such a lovely person – exactly how she is in real life. (Oh my God; when did I become such a luvvie sap?!)

Erika Fox @retroflame1

Kind of bizarrely, Erika is my boyfriend Stephen's favourite Snapchatter – I suspect it's because she's a fellow redhead – but I mean, I get it. Sure, she's a fashion blogger but she lives in New York, snaps deadly views – of the city, Central Park, weekend trips to San Fran and more – and is generally super nice and chatty, and seems like someone you'd be perfectly happy to be BFFs with. What more could you want?!

Foodie @foodiecafe

Chloe, Foodie Cafe's owner and head chef, is the face behind Foodie's account (which is important; I don't like watching faceless brand accounts) – and her Snapchat is a combination of food, exercise, ramblings in her car... And, my personal favourite, recipe experiments. Just the other day she did some dodgy things with figs that ended up looking quite delicious.

So Sue Me @sosueme_ie

It's possible that there are no introductions needed, but I should do a disclaimer on this one because: I know Suzanne IN THE REAL WORLD, and I adore her. So that may colour my opinion somewhat. I just love looking at her house and her car, and creeping on her nights out... I'm basically like a super fan, but a dangerous one because I have her number. (Nobody tell her.)

Laura @buynowbloglater

Laura's an English blogger who now lives and works in Dubai, and gives insights into new make-up launches, life with two adorable doggies... Plus, she seems to be a bit of a not-quite-closeted crazy cat lady (she and her husband feed a whole swarm of stray cats who live nearby), which endears her to me a lot. She's also good for finding lovely things in Zara – which is always helpful.

Louise O'Neill @oneilllouise

I would follow author, feminist and generally hilarious woman Louise O'Neill into war, so it's fair to assume that I would of course enjoy following her on Snapchat. My one complaint would be that she doesn't snap enough, but I suspect that's because she actually has a life and isn't sitting at home with her dog 24/7. Nobody say anything. Oh: and if you haven't already, read Only Ever Yours and Asking For It. Then come back and we can discuss.

Siopaella @siopaella

Ella, proprietor of Siopaella, is actually a friend of mine (what?! Ireland is small, and I get around), which makes watching her snaps all the more enjoyable. From her gorgeous rescue dogs Louis and Raquel to life owning a seriously busy consignment shop, meals out, trips to Vancouver, Morocco and the Philippines... Ella seems to live the life! And I love that Snapchat lets us all come along for the ride.

Nash @nashwynter

I'm not sure if I can say that Nash is a new friend – yet. Like, we've had lunch. Does that make us friends? Anyway, she's a Jamaican former fashion designer living in – wait for it – Gorey, with the luckiest Irish man alive and their gorgeous son, Lorcan. Ordinarily, I'm not that into people's kids but he gets away from it because we have similar hair. She's really funny (accidentally, sometimes) and has the most amazing sense of style.

Katy Kay @ktktoo

The things I know about Katy are actually very few. She's American, loves make-up and beauty products and has one of the most insane Instagram accounts I've ever seen. She's also mad into geocaching, and when I expressed amazement at the amount of candy that Americans get to choose from for Easter, she sent me some. See? Bribery will get you everywhere.

Of course, you should all be following moi on Snapchat: @rosemarymaccabe. Let me know if you think I've missed anyone really amazing / hilarious / who will send me more candy.