Top Dublin takeaways (and what I order)


The idea to write about my top Dublin takeaways came to me today in an epiphany. It's nothing to do with the fact that it's Friday of my birthday weekend and My Stephen is in work late. I definitely wasn't thinking about my top Dublin takeaways because I picked up the phone earlier on and ordered the same thing I order at least twice a month once a week. That definitely didn't happen. I used to be a takeaway fiend – even more than I am now – but I had to reel it in for two reasons: health and finances. I'll be honest; right now, the finances are more of an issue. I can ignore the fact that I have stress-related IBS. What I can't ignore is that I've had to pay eight referral fees in the past month. (Ah, life.)

Anyway, regardless of the frequency with which I order from said top Dublin takeaways, I would consider myself pretty well up and the good and the great of home-delivered fast food. In no particular order...

Bombay Pantry – butter chicken with all the trimmings

top Dublin takeaways Bombay Pantry Indian food

Okay, I lied when I said there was no particular order. Bombay Pantry is always going to be my #1.

I first tried Bombay Pantry in my aunt's house in Rathmines around 10 years ago. We ordered a selection of curries, rice and naan bread and ate, buffet-style, from her dining room table. I had never tasted anything as delicious.

Over the years, I've tried a wide variety of options from Bombay Pantry, including items from their smart new Paleo menu. But I always go back to a favourite combo: butter chicken (a spicy chicken tikka masala) with steamed rice and a Peshwari naan (naan bread with an almond and raisin filling). If I'm especially hungry, I'll add in an onion bhaji (Subz Bhajia on the menu). It ends up being about €20 for one person, which is steep, but so worth it.

Base Pizza – the Calabria

top Dublin takeaways Base pizza

From where I live, Base Wood Fired Pizza is a pick-up option only, so it's not something we order all that often. When we do, however? Oh, we enjoy it!

Generally speaking, I'm a traditionalist when it comes to pizza and I always having Nobógo for pepperoni. But Base is the exception that proves the rule; its Calabria pizza has meatballs on it. Meatballs! So, so very good. The Pesaro (with fennel sausage) is also pretty good, and the foccaccia is yum. Extra bonus points for as the only dessert option.

Diep at Home – rendang curry with coconut rice

top Dublin takeaways Diep at Home Thai food

Diep is another one with a lot of nostalgia; its Pembroke Lane big sister, Diep Le Shaker, is one of the first restaurants I ever went to with my parents, and definitely the first "oriental cuisine" I tried. I still love the original restaurant (I try to go back about once a year; it's pretty spendy) but, in a pinch, Diep at Home will do as a substitute.

The rendang curry is one of the spiciest things on the menu and, even though I'm not a huge spicy food fan, it's delicious. The rich, nutty beef goes so well with the sticky coconut rice – it's delicious. If I'm really hungry I add chicken satay skewers and, if I'm in an incredibly virtuous mood, I swap rice for steamed broccoli. (Okay, that happened once.)

Pizza Max – the Meal Deal for 1 (sob)

top Dublin takeaways Pizza Max

If I'm ordering in, Pizza Max's €10 meal deal can't be beaten – and, if you ask me, the pizza is pretty much on a par with Domino's (which, I'll admit, I do enjoy). You get a cheesy garlic bread, 10-inch pizza, a dip and a tin of fizzy orange (or Coke, or whatever). It's such a winner – one for nights when I am dying for a takeaway but not feeling so flush.

Crackbird via Deliveroo – soy garlic chicken

top Dublin takeaways Crackbird

Pic credit: On the Grid

The day Crackbird joined Deliveroo was honestly one of the highlights of my 2016 (c'mon, it was a shitty year). Their soy garlic chicken is one of my favourite things to eat in the world, ever, but I rarely get to go to the restaurant: my boyfriend thinks it's too cool for school and my best friend refuses to eat food while sitting on a high stool. He likes a back to his chairs, the fussy thing.

Anyway, I've been loving Crackbird since it first opened on South William St (in the restaurant now called Bear), and I love it still in its current iteration on Dame St. I always, always get two portions of the lemon and whipped feta dip to go with my soy garlic chicken – and I eat every single last drop.

A word of warning – I'm not a huge fan of the sides. I know some people who adore the potato salad, but none of it bowls me over. It's just that the soy garlic chicken is so out-of-this-world good – it definitely had to go on the top Dublin takeaways list.


I'd love to add another 10 top Dublin takeaways to the list but, in all honesty, I'm just not that adventurous. These are my tried and tested favourites. But don't forget, if I lived in the delivery area, I'm sure I'd have a few more to add – Saba to Go is incredible, for example, and I'm also partial to a bit of Neon.

But tell me: where do you order from, and what do you order? Anything I need in my life? Share!