Trolling, negativity and random strangers – or, here's an email I got...


Here's a little GRWM video I shot a few days back – I just really wanted to get something off my chest about trolling, and thought, why not do my makeup while I'm at it?! Products are listed in the video description but, in case you're MEGA nosy (like me!), I thought I'd put the text of the email below too. (Because I know that, if I heard someone got a mean email, I wouldn't rest until I'd read it!) I've also added in links to a few things they're referring to, to save you the Google. I'm good like that!

Before you go though, I would love to know: where do you stand on trolling? Do you think they should just be ignored? Called out? Is it all part and parcel of being a blogger – and should we just shut up and put up?

Trolling, in email form

I've been watching your Snapchat for some time now and I feel compelled to tell you how I feel.

You have this really irritating (though I'm sure you deem it cute) way of almost singing your sentences, kinda like an Aussie person. You go up an octave at the end of every sentence and it's extremely annoying.

You also purse your lips a lot.

You should really wear make-up as you look tired, slightly haggard, and very tomboy-ish.

Your short hair makes you look like a lesbian.

You slate Slimming World yet, as some people on the Slimming World thread on pointed out, you're piling the weight on yourself, Rosemary.

You have no fashion sense.

You clearly think you're famous because recently you were affronted that someone wanted a picture with James Kavanagh and not you. You seemed put out by this. But you're not famous, darling. (Neither is James, by the way.)

You call yourself an influencer. In what way?

You keep moaning about being vegetarian. If you want to eat meat, just fucking eat it. Christ almighty. Secondly, you're a hypocrite. You won't eat animals but you'll don the latest threads from Penneys and everyone knows their clothes are made in sweatshops in Bangladesh.

Finally, I hope you realise nobody watches any Snap you post where you hashtag "ad". Everyone skips on by. We don't care.

Bye for now.