Wishlist: January 2015


The Christmas tree is barely out the door (genuinely; why does it always take me so long to get rid of that blasted thing?) and I'm already thinking about what I want to own next, after receiving several beautiful pieces from my Santa list. But I wouldn't be a decent journalist / fashion stylist / blogger if I wasn't always on the lookout for the next consumer good to fill that gaping void in my life, now would I? 1. Makeup brushes from the Callanberry collection


I first read about these on Leonard's blog, and though I'll admit to chortling like an absolute baby at his description of the brushes' "flower tip", I was totally sold on these Irish-designed pieces of beauty booty. I'm a sucker for a good makeup brush, and it's been ages since I refreshed mine, so these are firmly on the list. Callanberry brushes start at €18 and, of course, I have my eye on the full set, which'll set you back €275. Get yours here.

2. Victoria Beckham's S/S 2015 winklepickers

Victoria Beckham shoes

These were on show at the Brown Thomas S/S 2015 show yesterday, and they were the one pair of shoes that gave me serious pause. Aren't they incredible? She debuted them at NYFW in two floral appliqué colourways (the second is white on white), white with black trim (right) as well as a leopard print. There's no word on the Brown Thomas website as to prices, and I can't seem to find them for sale anywhere online yet, but an early estimate? I'd say €500-plus. Ouch.

3. Ray-Ban's mirrored aviator sunglasses

Ray Bans

I had the orangey-yellow versions of these in my Asos "saved items" list for an age, basically until they sold out and I was forced to accept defeat. But now that they've released these far-more-versatile silver mirrored lenses, I'm glad I didn't fork out for the sunset yellow colourway. These are just so, so slick. Buy them here (€204.29).

4. These Adidas StellaSport leggings


Adidas StellaSport, the latest collaboration between McCartney and Adidas, is aimed at a "younger" customer than the mainline Adidas by Stella McCartney range - a fact that is reflected most clearly in its price points, which range from around €25 to €90 (as opposed to up to €200-plus for the mainline loot). I especially love these leggings; if you're fitness-gear-addicted like me (in an attempt to become actual fitness-addicted), you'll know just how difficult it is to find sports gear that isn't black or pink. These are bold and bright and beautiful, and utterly un-boring. They're launching in Life Style Sports and BT2 on, I think, January 23rd.

5. Senso's leopard print pony hair sandals

Senso shoes

Another pair of shoes - so predictable, right? These Senso sandals have me all a-quiver - I think it's the slight man-repelling quality of them, plus I'm always a sucker for an animal print or a block heel, and when I see a two-in-one I'm helpless. You can get 'em here for a not-particularly-bargaintastic €207.15.

What're you lusting after this month? (Oh, and did I mention it's my 30th in February... Just sayin'.)