Workout gear that might actually be worth buying (and it's affordable)


There is a delicious irony in Aldi shilling a gym tote with the line "a gym is for life not just for January" in their December 31st workout gear drop. I mean, come on, we all know that this release is timed for the exact time of year that women (and yes, it's mostly women) are told that they've eaten too much and trained too little and need to immediately get back on the wagon before they become entirely unfuckable forever and always. As an aside, what wagon?! This mythical wagon has haunted my entire life. Not that you could be in any doubt – given that, in the first paragraph, I accused Aldi of exploiting the post-Christmas shaming of women and also used the word "unfuckable" – but this is not a sponsored post. I thought about approaching Aldi to do one because I wanted to write a blog post about the range, and then I just thought, fuck it. I prefer being able to include curses and the odd piece of criticism. (As another aside, I got my nails done – acrylics, if you don't mind – and it's making typing really difficult, so much so that I feel I may be developing carpal tunnel, which would be very badly timed as I have several festive games of Scrabble to win.)

Aldi workout gear

And speaking of criticism, I take issue with a few things about this workout gear campaign, not least the fact that (of course) the trainer in the promo imagery is male and the trainee is female. It should also be said, off the bat, that, size-wise, the range isn't great; clothing goes from sizes S to L, and I'm imagining that S is an 8 and L might be (at a stretch, if you'll excuse the pun) a 16-18. (Even Trinity's new sportswear range, dodgy pics aside, did an incredible job of shooting an ethnically diverse campaign and offering super inclusive sizing.)

Aldi workout gear

Aldi's New Year workout gear: what's good?

Anyway, now that we've got all of that out of the way, let's talk about how that graphic print is really lovely. I would 100% wear that sports bra (the best thing about lifting weights is that you rarely need to worry about how supportive your sports bra is; I just go for comfort these days, not high support).

Clothing aside, there are a few bits in the collection that I'm going to go in and buy – depending on how my festive outgoings are looking by the 31st, when they land in Aldis nationwide. I like the look of the graphic print, sure, but I don't actually need any more workout gear, thanks to my Fabletics obsession.

Aldi workout gear

Instead, I think I'm going to buy the sit-up bench (above), which is €34.99. Consider me #influenced by Audrey Leighton; her sit-up routine has me seriously thinking about starting one of my own, and core is one of the areas I really struggle with. Aldi is also doing pretty decent kettlebells this time around (not just 6kg and 4kg variants); 10kg and 12kg kettlebells are €17.99.

What's kind of impressive is that they're also offering barbells, at €49.99 for a set. The plates provided are pretty light, so you wouldn't necessarily be building strength or launching your powerlifting career with them – but for a total beginner who plans on working out at home, you could do a whole lot worse. Fashion bits start at €6.99 and a yoga mat will set you back €6.99 too, while a foam roller (everyone should have one) is €7.99.

...And what's GREAT

But now to the bit I'm most excited by... the TRAMPETTE!Aldi workout gear

I don't know why, but I find the word trampette hilarious. Anyway – since I started following Busy Philipps on Instagram, I've become really intrigued by the workouts she does with Lauren Kleban of LEKfit. You can sign up for a free trial on her site, but I truly believe that the LEKfit workouts will not be as effective without the trampette. (They say you can do them without but I just do not believe it. Plus, it looks like fun!) It's €29.99.

So there you go: Aldi has a big drop of workout gear. I'm a bit disgusted by how cynical it all is, cashing in on people's post-Christmas insecurities, but I do think some of the stuff looks good, so I'm going to both complain and buy into it. (Get you a gal who can do both.) Happy Christmas!

P.S. I wrote this entire post listening to Keith Urban's Female on repeat, because Aldi isn't the only one who can cynically exploit trends. Also: I'm clearly having a mid-life crisis. And I miss Nashville.