So I wrote my Santa letter . . .



Dear Santa,

I want you to know that I've had a very hard year. I lost my regular job, had to sell my lovely car to pay my tax, had a recurrence of my depression and went back on medication. But I've been very good at getting on with things - I found other work, got another car (which then got vandalised, adding it to column a), feel much better personally and have ultimately been VERY GOOD.

For Christmas I would be happy with any gift, big or small, but in case you need ideas I thought I'd give you a little list:


PS I know it's very early for a Santa letter, but my personal Santas are currently on vacation in America - so I thought it best to afford them the opportunity to avail of duty free.

PPS In case you wondered about my parents' response . . . 

Undeliverable to recipient due to age of sender causing failure of credence check.

Best regards,

Chief Elf.