Zoeva Vegan Prime Professional Brush Set review | VIDEO


Since going vegetarian, I've been doing a LOT of thinking about what I spend my money on – so when it came to replacing my makeup brushes, of course I was going to go cruelty-free, so I bought the Zoeva Vegan Prime Professional Brush Set. At £75, it was a pretty significant outlay (although, if you break it down, that works out at £7.50 per brush, which doesn't feel that bad). I asked – on Twitter, where I do all of my question-asking – whether people would prefer a blog post review or a video, and video came out on top! So I decided to do my full face of makeup using the Zoeva Vegan Prime brushes. Here's how it went...

I'd like to think you'll all make it through the whole video – but, just in case you don't, my issues with the set are that: there's no bronzer brush (um, hi? I grew up in the 90s – I need bronzer); there's no eyebrow brush and, in my opinion, the eyeshadow brushes don't blend particularly well.

Would I buy them again? Hmmmm. I'd definitely buy some of them again, but being totally honest, I'd rather try another brand next time. Morphe is next on my list!

Have you tried Zoeva's Vegan Prime brushes? Do you rate them? I'd love to know what you think – or, even better, whether you have any must-have cruelty-free brushes that I absolutely need to know about!

Peace out, y'all. (PS: LOVE the Kat Von D liquid lipstick. 10/10 would recommend. Going in this weekend to buy at least two more.)

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