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Review | Frozen II: The Sequel We’ve All Been Waiting For

If you’re one of the, oh, 10 million parents – or parent-adjacent people (aunt, uncle, grandparents, babysitter) – who’s been forced to sit through approximately 172 viewings of Frozen, then Frozen II, the sequel to the 2013 record-breaking Disney hit, has been a long time coming.

My personal favourite Frozen moment came on a particularly arduous United Airlines flight to the US, one of those flights where nobody had their own TV screen – except, I assume, those b*stards in first class – when Frozen was showing as the afternoon’s entertainment. Anyone who wanted to watch could plug in their earphones and gaze at the screens at the front of every block of seats.

In the aisle across from me, a young girl of maybe about three years old, was giving it such rapt attention that I assumed she was one of the handful of children who hadn’t seen it. My theory was, however, debunked when, during Elsa’s Let it Go moment, the child in question began to bellow the tune, eschewing her mother’s every effort to make her stop. Her poor mum began to grab at the earphones, trying to take them out, trying to do anything to make it stop, while her child crooned “let it goooooooo” at the top of her lungs. Ah, kids.

Anyway: Frozen II came at the perfect time – right before the Christmas holidays, just as Disney is hoping to whet people’s appetite for themed stocking fillers and Christmas merch – and, as it happens, at the perfect time for me to record an episode of The Cinemile, a podcast in which Irish couple, Cathy and Dave, walk home from the cinema and record their instant take of the film they’ve just watched.

Cathy and I went to see it on a very rainy Monday afternoon in Clapham – and we were both pretty excited. I wouldn’t say I loved the original, but I did like it and I (of course) appreciated its feminist leanings, being one of the few Disney films that doesn’t rely on boy-meets-girl to spur the plot forward.

If you’d like to know what I thought about it – with some thoughts from Cathy, too, I guess – take a listen to the podcast.

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